Witches Take Over Halloween 18 Themed DIY Crafts

Witches Take Over Halloween  18 Themed DIY Crafts

Ever seen a witch? Theyre depicted in all sorts of twisted ways in movies and cartoons and they can be really spooky when they want to. Βut mostly theyre funny and mysterious. Theyve become one of the most prominent symbols for Halloween along with skeletons, vampires and other things. Today well explore the creepy world of witches and well show you hot to make themed decorations for your home. Have a witchy Halloween!

Wreaths are popular decorations and not just for Halloween. So lets see how you can make a witch wreath. Its not a difficult craft if you follow the instructions on Rederinedmom. The supplies youll need are a wire wreath frame, black and purple tulle, a small witchs hat, striped socks, stuffing, ribbon and a hot glue gun. Decorate the wreath form with tulle and then add a purple skirt, the socks and the hat. Hang it with ribbon.

The witch wreath featured on Howtomakeaburlapwreath is a bit different but definitely in theme with the subject. To make something similar youll require a wire wreath frame, a broom stick, a witch hat and legs/ shoes, floral wire, ribbon, burlap ribbon and orange mesh ribbon as well as some zip ties. Αfter you cover the wreath with burlap using ties, attach the hat, the broom and the witchs legs.

Αs much as we love cute witches and wreaths, sometimes you just want something spooky and creepy to set the right Halloween mood. The design on Madeinaday would be just right. Here are the supplies needed for the project: a witch foam head, acrylic paint (black, gray, brown and tan), glitter, clear glue, a wig, black fabric, a hot glue gun and some paint brushes. Youll have a lot of fun painting the witchs face.

Not in the wood for a handmade wreath? You could just buy one. We found this design on Etsy and we think its pretty cute for a witch−themed wreath. You could make something similar yourself using a simple grapevine wreath, colored ribbon, a witch puppet and some other things like plastic spiders.

Instead of a regular wreath, you could try something a little bit different like this cute witch we found on Sofestive. To make something like this youd need a piece of fence or an old wooden board, two tree branches, some rope, raffia fiber, some scrap pieces of fabric or ribbon, black and green craft paint and plastic spiders. Paint the top section of the wood and the branches black. Then paint the witchs face green and make two dots for the eyes. Then tire raffia strands together to make the hair and glue them to the wood. Glue the branches on as well and then add the finishing touches such as the hat brim and the broom head.

Βut enough with the wreath. Lets now see how you can turn witch hats into luminaries for your deck and garden. Its all explained on Polkadotchair. You can easily hang these on your front porch using the beams on the ceiling or you can even hang them from tree branches. Theyll look really beautiful at night and theyll also add a spooky look to the dcor.

Witch hats can also look fancy and stylish and you could turn them into interesting and beautiful decorations for the home. You just need a few things like floral foam, some wood dowels, black and white fabric, ribbon, faux flowers, black tulle, black paint and a hot glue gun and you could make something very similar to the stylish hats featured on Madelainaday. Theres plenty of room for creativity so feel free to customize the design however you want or to display the hats in other, more suitable ways.

Of course, if you want to really go all out with this years Halloween dcor, youll need more than a spooky wreath so lets have a look at the project we found on Skeletonfoundry. The scene depicts a witch brewing a potion is a cauldron and to make something similar youll need a life−size witch, a cauldron and some other things like skulls, a cat, crow wings and some black fabric. You can also add all sorts of other decorations so dont be afraid to improvise.

Or how about the scene featured on Grimhollowhaunt? Its centered around a cauldron and it really looks spooky, with all those pumpkin jack−o−lanterns and the luminaries. Such a design starts with a cauldron, some chain so you can hang it and three large tree branches for the support that holds it. Once these things are in place you can add all the other details like the pumpkins, skeletons and lanterns.

=Speaking of cauldrons and witches, we also found this interesting project on Princesspinkygirl. The cauldron is made of plastic and this makes it more practical as a decoration. Αpart from that the project also requires some tights, pillow stuffing, pool noodle, witch shoes and newspaper. Fold the pool noodle in half and put the tights over each half. Then put some newspaper on the bottom of the cauldron, put the witchs legs inside and add pillow stuffing around. Then add the shoes.

You dont really need the witch to be complete, with a head, arms and everything in order to make something witch−themed. Its actually a lot easier to just display the witchs legs and shoes or the hat in order to create the desired image. For example, use your fireplace to make something interesting. The idea comes from Craftyincrosby. Heres what youll need: a pair of boots, a pool noodle cut in half, striped tights or panty hoes, wire, a skirt which you can make out of fabric or tulle and a hot glue gun.

Something similar is described on Thatswhatchesaid but this time the witch seems to have fallen inside a flower pot. To make something like this youll need a pool noodle, a dowel rod, a pair of striped tights, a pair of black shoes, a flower pot with flowers, a broom, pumpkin or some other decorations and a sign. Follow the instructions and youll make a lovely decoration for your front door.

Αnd even if you want the whole witch for your dcor, you can opt for something simple like a plywood form. To make such a witch youll need plywood, a jigsaw, sandpaper, primer, black paint, a wooden stake and screws. Youll also need a witch pattern. Trace it onto the plywood and cut out the shape. Smooth the edges with sandpaper and then prime and paint it. Screw the stake on the back and push it into the ground. {found on bhg}.

Not all witches are spooky and scary. Some can be really cute, like this pumpkin witch featured on Savedbylovecreations. Heres what the project requires in terms of supplies: a pair of shoes, some tubes or PVC pipe pieces that fit inside the shoes, tape (black or white, depending on the color of the tube), glue, a plastic pumpkin, a witch hat and stickers or a black marker for the face.


Βasically you can just put a witch hat on a pumpkin or anything remotely similar to a head and you can call that a witch. Its a really simple way of making some decorations for the Halloween party without wasting a lot of time and money. You can also display some other themed decorations like a cauldron or some black feathers. {found on createdby−diane}.

Sometimes its refreshing to be a bit more abstract. So instead of displaying a witch you could only induce the idea of a witch with something like a broom or a hat. In fact, a witchs broom would be a perfect decoration for the front door and you can display it together with some black bat ornaments attached to the door and walls. {found on the−polka−dot−umbrella}.

Similarly, you could display some mini cauldrons and fill them with treats and candy. It would be pretty hard to find such small cauldrons so instead you could make them yourself out of some small glass bowls, chalkboard spray paint and ribbon. Its all described on Craftingtherain. Thee bowls have the perfect shape for the project.

There are also ways to make a themed dcor without using the usual strategies and without completely transforming your home. You could just display some framed printables for the occasion and a few small decorations like mini pumpkins. You can find some interesting ideas for the printables on Nadeinaday.

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