Wall decor for the nursery or childrens room

Wall decor for the nursery or childrens room

Creating a magical journey for a child’s room often starts with setting a backdrop, the walls. The walls can take you to a far off place like a palace in India or on a tour around the world. Whatever you can dream up can be played out on the walls. It can be as simple as a coat of paint or as elaborate as wallpaper, fabric or decals.

Α canvas sets the stage for a modern boys room…

Using textiles as a backdrop can create an unique room setting. I especially like this wall art with its soft palette.

Maps take you for a journey around the world… exploration fills the room.

Wallpaper creates a backdrop for adventure…as well as provides the magic a child needs for imaginative play.

The patchwork of the fabric brings you back to a simple nostalgic time… and adds layers to a rooms decor.

The home made touch is always special and heart felt.

Α space with the unexpected is always interesting and awe inspiring. Have fun with your child’s room decor and make the walls tell a story.

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I love the colors of these rooms, so bright and imaginative!

Hi Αnnette: I think that the patch work is too bold for my tastes. I love the DIY framed fabrics, though

Such an inspiring collection! It makes me want to do something louder, more vibrant to my girls’ subtle, monochromatic rooms!

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