Very Stylish Villa Renovation by Beef Architects

Very Stylish Villa Renovation by Beef Architects

The implicit separation of zones comes from cleverly arranged partitions – like the bespoke library shelving, or the sandstone paneling composing the fireplace wall, arranged in geometrical shapes – a bit like Tetris. These unique design features are spiced up by trendy lighting solution scheme, that includes the famous brass and copper suspended lamps from renowned designer Tom Dixon, or the branch like white rectangles installation Kao by Αrtemide.

Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, gorgeous parqueting and various contemporarily shaped furniture, created from different types of high−class wood bring warmth and stylish charm to the decor composition. The custom made cabinetry in the kitchen implemented with magnificent dark wood is not only highly functional but also very stylish. The modern stainless steel and granite surfaces and fittings add to the elegant functionality of the kitchen zone.

Αltogether the wonderful material palette that includes natural materials like sandstone, walnut and oak wood supplemented by linen textiles and colorful carpeting is very typical for the designers style and evokes housey, organic feeling that makes a welcoming house from any space. The color choices are also warm and classy gray and honey brawn, black and beige all corresponding with the natural colors of the materials used in the design composition and vitalized by well−measured splashes of stronger colors like the red hints spread throughout the premises. Photos by Jakub Dvok

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