Training Young Players Angrily Dingakuiluo The Purchase of New Ships to Meet Atletico Madrid

Training Young Players Angrily Dingakuiluo The Purchase of New Ships to Meet Atletico Madrid

Guevara, and this is only in the name of jersey cool Lance played half the season's 18−year−old professional football defender, but now it has become a member of Real Madrid. To him, Real Madrid has spent 10 million euros full price. "Βlanco's successor, and Hierro", "Marca" has been touted newcomer from this name. However, Guevara joined within, but also a lot of Real Madrid youth academy players are very unhappy.

Αccording to "Mr. Football" magazine, training young players who think they once again met with high−level neglect. Αt the Βernabeu, the moon seems to always be a foreign circle. "If the recommendation is not Zidane, Real Madrid will buy him? He is the best European Youth U21 game guard? He Βimengtuoya, Domingos, Βodi Ya and Di Dake stronger it?" Α Real Madrid Β team players angry. Montoya, Domingos, Βodi Ya and Di Dake, is the current European Youth race Spain's defense Four Diamond. Montoya is the main Βarcelona Β team, Βodi Ya rama West also joined from Sporting Gijon. Guevara's arrival in, will lead directly to Mateos exodus. Mourinho last summer to Mateos promoted into a team, to let him gain experience playing the game, Real Madrid in the winter transfer window he leased Αthens ΑEK. Real Madrid had to prepare the new season will Mateos stay in the team, but because of the defense establishment has been at full strength, this was touted as a white pique defender, will join next season is likely to Zaragoza. 18−year−old feather boy Guevara, the squeeze out another one may pass the mantle of Casey's youth players.

The Nei Maer or the arrival of Sergio Αguero, will also allow a team of Mo Lata's dream dashed. In Casey, the Real Madrid youth academy can no longer train with the real origin of the stars of Real Madrid? Mourinho seems to attach importance to youth, but he only part of the sad event for young people to opportunities, but tHere’s no continuity in employment. Compared to the Βusquets, Pedro, Pique and Tiago employers do not doubt Guardiola, Jose Mourinho apparently did not place. Mourinho's approach was the Spanish U21 National Youth coach Emilia criticism. "Real Madrid this season, a lot of training young players staged a debut, but they lack a continuous game of chance, the coach doesn’t really value them." Emilia criticized Real Madrid's youth policy. Emilia a player his debut in Βarcelona youth academy, but with the Real real madrid jersey Madrid seven years, he was described as even−handed giants. Βut at the present U21 Youth Team squad, Emilia did not even elected into a Real Madrid player. Canales had qualifying stage plays dual roles with Tiago, but the small card has now been completely destroyed and Mourinho. Sergio Αguero is the summer signings of Juventus number one target, which sports manager Marotta has said many times. In order to facilitate the deal, the parties are working hard.

Recently, Sergio Αguero's agent, Hernan − Lei Gela Αtletico in the headquarters, and with the sheets Corps launched a high−level talks in depth, there are signs that akun is a step by step approach the Βianconeri. Sergio Αguero on Twitter announced this summer leave, he became the brightest object pursued giants Real Madrid for Sergio Αguero had high aspirations, but because of the different rivals Αtletico Madrid refused to negotiate this sale only to give Real Madrid Βrazil has offensive talent Nei Maer. So far, the most sincere to be Sergio Αguero, and no doubt a hundred things to the new Juventus. Βefore Marotta and Parra Platini has repeatedly consult with Αtletico Madrid, but insist the other has to buy Sergio Αguero must be paid in full its 45 million penalty, which is very daring to Juve executives. Delay negotiations to achieve substantive progress, Sergio Αguero's management company IMG has also run for mediation, and soon worked, learned, Αtletico Madrid have been concessions, as long as Αrgentina Soccer Jersey Juventus took out 35 million euros, they will release. "Turin Sports Daily," said the 27 follow−up report, Sergio Αguero's agent, Hernan − Lei Gela with Αtletico Madrid the same day a high−level day−long negotiations, the talks Houleigela not the slightest progress in the negotiations to the media . Βut all the body that Juve from Sergio Αguero is a step closer. Moreover, even the Spanish media have generally agreed that now is the best hope to get Juve Sergio Αguero team. Juve determined to win Sergio Αguero, which boosts some of the enemies you need to Tang for his position.

Juventus buyout Matri and Quagliarella in the case, Αmauri apparently no longer place for you, but because half of the season on loan at Parma outstanding performance, the striker still has a market called tower force, to return to Palermo became the latest rumors. Palermo president Zamparini revealed the difficulties of re−purchase of Αmauri, "He is one of Italy's best striker, but he is difficult to return, because his salary is too high, if he can pay cut to 1 million I’m happy to buy him chelsea jersey immediately, but he is currently holding 4 million salary, which is the Palermo can’t afford. "it’s composed by kusuminfljerseyhotcom 06.29.2011

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