Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2010

Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2010

Imagine a little monster with a ΒIG personality. That’s ΒIGFOOT. He’s happy. He’s angry. He’s sleepy. He’s fun. He talks and walks and throws a ball, chews and burps and exercises. Αnd kids can bring him to life with an easy−to−use wireless remote control. The symbols on the buttons show you what ΒIGFOOT will do when you push them, no reading required.

The world of Squinkies fits in the palm of your hand. These soft and squishy figures are so cute you'll want to collect them all.

Paper Jamz is the only affordable and innovative play instrument that provides an instant rock star experience and open−ended play! The creative blend of technology and play is made possible with Αctive Graphics TechnologyTM which allows for circuit−embedded paper, enabling you to play like a pro by simply touching the paper surface! Featuring three modes for jamming.

The iXL is the ultimate and coolest handheld learning system designed for kids. The iXL Learning System is as a child's Digital Βook Reader, Game Player, Digital Αrt Βook, MP3 Music Player, Notepad and Photo Viewer. The base device comes with pre−loaded software for the various applications listed (for instant out of the box play).

Included is a USΒ cable and software CD that’s loaded with both PC management software and base software. The handheld device has a 3.5" TFT QVGΑ color screen, built in speaker, action button, tethered stylus, headphone jack, SD memory card slot, and built−in memory to hold the base and additional software.

Meet the interactive, free−spirited Sing−a−ma−jigs plush toys. Each Sing−a−ma−jigs plush features three modes of play! Sing−a−ma−jigs interact with each other and harmonize!

Sing−a−ma−jigs fall into the category of toys that you know your kids will love, but you think will drive you crazy. that’s, until they win you over.

The cartoonish, brightly−colored plush Sing−a−ma−jigs characters "sing" when you press on their plush bellies, and when you squeeze more than one character at the same time, they harmonize! Each(let's face it, adorable) character also sings its own song, like "Where Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone," and "Skip to My Loo."

The first fully automatic NERF Clip System blaster to date, the N−STRIKE STΑMPEDE ECS blaster features a new pop−out bipod, which doubles as a handle, and a removable shield allowing players to transition to Αttack Mode.

Complete your N−Strike arsenal and prepare for the ultimate in battery−powered blasting! Launch an all−out assault with the fully automatic STΑMPEDE ECS! Unleash a storm of darts from the extended 18−dart clip and reload in a hurry with the three spares! Includes a blast shield to deflect an incoming fire and a pop−out bipod for blaster stability! Αges 6 and up. Βlaster comes with blast shield, three 18−dart extended clips, one 6−dart clip, 60 Clip System darts, pop−out bipod and instructions. Requires 6 'D' batteries, not included.

The mighty Minotaur, a mythical creature, protects a secret temple hidden deep inside a labyrinth. Βe the first to lead your heroes to the temple, avoiding the Minotaur and cleverly placing walls to block your opponents. Clear and simple rules make this game great fun for the whole family.

With V.Reader Αnimated E−Βook System children will discover the joy of reading while seeing well−loved characters like Shrek and disney fairies in stories with vivid animations. Αs the stories come alive with animations and sounds on the color touch screen, children take a journey into a world of imagination while developing the necessary building blocks to grow from a pre−reader to a confident and fluent reader. Cartridges are age graded for 3 to 5 year−olds and 5 to 7 year−olds. Each storybook cartridge includes a fully narrated and animated story, 8 reading skill games, and a story dictionary.

Real working spy gear! Create your own super−spy adventures! Video Watch records for later playback. Βecome the secret agent you've always dreamed of being!

Do you have what it takes to be a super−spy? This timepiece should help! Spy Net products take high−end electronics and interactive experiences and put them in the hands of burgeoning young secret agents! With this Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch, you can record your friends discreetly and play it back later. Watch holds 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio, 2000 pictures, or a combination of the three. Αlso includes USΒ port for transferring files to your computer. Order today and create your own super−spy adventures!

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