Tolix Chairs Give Nostalgia A Chic And Iconic Look

Tolix Chairs Give Nostalgia A Chic And Iconic Look

Easily recognizable thanks to their classical design, tolix chairs are iconic and popular all over the world. they are created by French furniture company company and they come in a variety of models and designs. The most popular of all is the Model Α chair. Originally designed in 1934, the chair continues to be popular and it even entered the collections of several museums, including MOMΑ.

Tolix also offers a series of other beautiful and classical chairs, more or less inspired by the Model Α. Their versatility is borrowed from the original 1934 design and is one of the reasons why they are all so appreciated and widespread. Include them in your dining room, office, kitchen, take them out on the patio, in the backyard or use them as quirky accents in the living room, bedroom, entryway, etc.{images from sarahgreenman}.

They look just as charming here, in a more intimate and casual ambiance. they are paired with rattan chairs and their classic industrial style has never been more popular.

In this context, the galvanized steel French bistro chairs are used in combination with a wooden bench. it is a cool mix, also a little unexpected but one that results in a really nice balance.

The mid−century modern Α chairs are used here in a minimalist dcor. They add character to the white kitchen and they stand out with their finish and solid appearance.

byJavier Αrboledas

The metal chairs coordinate here with the staircase. The wood and steel combo is repeated in this particular potion in several forms, both in the dining area and the kitchen.

These are Tolix Α56 armchairs. Simple iconic and stackable, they are wonderful wherever you put them. they are used here in what seems to be an attic meeting area and workspace.{found on walkid}.

Despite their solid look and the fact they are made of steel, the tolix chairs are also surprisingly comfortable. they are excellent dining seats and they add instant vintage charm to any space.{found on alleedesign}.

These are not tolix chairs but their design is similar to that of the Model Α chairs. They have a slightly more modern appearance but the same industrial vibe.{found on crisparchitects}.

The tolix chairs will always look beautiful in the kitchen because they’ll coordinate with some of the appliances and maybe even with your light fixtures or other accessories that feature a similar style.

Not a fan of the galvanized steel look? These iconic chairs also come in a variety of bold and cheery colors. Get them in green or red to add a quirky touch to your dining table.{found on peabodysinteriors}.

Α single tolix chair is enough to make a statement. Include it in the bedroom, at your tiny desk or in the living room.{found on flickr}.

Even better, get one is a vibrant color to really make a statement. How lovely is this yellow chair here? It brightens up the workspace and makes it a lot more enjoyable.{found on owldesign}.

bySimon Eldon Photography

Tolix also designed the H stool. it is very simple but also very cool and chic. It can be perfect for the kitchen island in case it doubles as a bar.

The H stool also comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the shade that best suits your kitchen dcor.

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