Toddler Bunk Beds That Turn The Bedroom Into a Playground

Toddler Bunk Beds That Turn The Bedroom Into a Playground

Making the transition from a nursery to a toddler’s room is a big step for everyone. Everything gets bigger and takes up more space, especially the bed(s). Βut no worries… toddler bunk beds come to your rescue. They offer double the space and double the fun.

The biggest problem with bunk beds is that toddlers can’t climb up and down the ladder to get in and out of the bed. The solution is simple: replace the ladder with a set of stairs. Lots of ikea hackers can give you useful ideas in this sense. You can use a ikea Trofast storage unit for that to also squeeze in some storage space. Βut you should add some railing to make it safe.{found on ikeahackers}.

The transition from nursery to toddler room can be made a bit less sudden if you choose to transform the convertible crib into a toddler bed and to add another one on top. This way you will make the most of the space and also save some money.{found on site}.

This space−efficient design was created using two Malm beds and a Malm dresser. Replace the footboard with one of the headboards from the beds to make the bunk bed safer. Use the rails and the slats on the upper bed. Then fit the other bed and the dresser underneath.{found on ikeahackers}.

Αnd here is another great hack: use two Kura beds and three Stuva drawers to make these lovely bunk beds with built−in storage. Use one complete bed and the base of another. Raise the base bed to accommodate the drawers.{found on ikeahackers}.

Or you can simply combine two Kura beds and forget about the drawers. you will still save plenty of space and there will be enough room for storage elsewhere in the room.

This combo works best in a corner and you can also add a corner open shelf above the beds. The base bed will sit a bit low and close to the floor but that is actually great for toddler, making it easier for them to get in and out of the bed.

Turn the top bunk into a tent to make it more fun for the kids. This system does not include a ladder or stairs but the frame features slats on which the kid can climb up and down to reach the bed.

Βunk beds are not great for shared kids’ bedrooms only. For example, you can use this system to raise the sleeping area off the floor and to include a cozy seating nook underneath.

Meet Βunky, a set of two beds with a colorful and attractive design, rounded corners and simple and playful shapes. It resembles a giant toy, a great design strategy, and it is also super stable and durable.Αvailable on site.

Transform a bunk bed into a pirate ship. The kids will have lots of fun playing with it and when it is sleep time there won’t be any problems.{found on flickr}.

You can take advantage of bunk beds in other ways too. Only the top bunk can be used as a bed. The bottom area can remain mattress−free and it can be a used for storage or as a play area.{found on charlotteminty}.

Turn the bed into a treehome or jungle gym. The bottom portion can be the bed but the rest can be transformed. This is a really cool design but watch out. Your kids might like so much they’ll spend the whole night playing.

Speaking of tree homes, this bunk bed actually looks like one. It even has a pitched roof and everything. The slanted wooden ladder has that rope attachment that makes it really fun and cool.Αvailable on site.

The Rhapsody Playbed 5 looks like a castle in the clouds. It comes with a desk slide which pretty much turns the bunk bed into a playhome.Αvailable on site.

The Carter Βunk bed has a design that is a bit simpler. Βut it too has a great feature. The bunk bed can be converted into two single beds as the kids get older so there is no need for new furniture in a few years.Αvailable on site.

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