The Union Jack Trunk Set

The Union Jack Trunk Set

Whenever you need some extra storage space you dont have to take major measures such as making room for yet another storage closet of storage unit. You can simply add some color and style to your house by opting for something more creative such as this beautiful set of storage boxes. The Union Jack Trunk set features 3 storage boxed or trunks.

They all have different dimensions but they all share the same theme and design. They have a vintage design and a certain unique appeal. Each trunk has faux leather handles and a vintage catch that keeps the lid closed. Βecause their dimensions vary they can also be nested inside of each other when not used. This way theyre easier to store.

The dimensions for each box vary. The set includes one large trunk with the dimensions of 48 x 34 x 25cm, a medium one measuring 40 x 29 x 21cm and a small trunk with the overall dimensions of 32 x 24 x 18cm. The set can be purchased for 99. The great thing about these boxes is that they can fit anywhere and they only take little floor space. You can also store them underneath the bed as well, but it would be a shame to hide that beautiful and colorful design. Its vintage and its also chic.

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