The playful Venture Horizon bookcase for kids

The playful Venture Horizon bookcase for kids

Even though kids dont really read much, they still enjoy coloring books, stories and picture books. They are permanently learning and parents need to find a way to make that fun. One way would be to offer them their own bookcase where they can store all their books and even some toys. kids like to be taken seriously so they will definitely like to know theyve been offered some freedom and their own version of an item such as a bookcase.

The Venture Horizon bookcase was designed specifically for children. It has a playful design and dimensions suited for kids. You can buy it for $179.95. It has a home−shaped form and shelves of different sizes and shapes. It will allow your kid to learn how to be organized and to keep his things nicely arranged. Αlso, its fun to play with. The shelves are 15 high and they can hold the largest books. The top shelf is for extra large items. The bookcase is crafted from water resistant and easy to clean materials. Moreover, because of its shape and design, it can also be used as a 6−room doll home.

The bookcase features a combination of neutral color shades with a hint of yellow. Its a combination easy to match with almost any dcor. Αlso, its a versatile piece of furniture that suited for both boys and girls. The overall dimensions of the bookcase are 55″ H x 45″ W x 12″ D. It can hold up to 288 CDs, 201 DVDs, 81 disney tapes and a variable number of books and toys.

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