The luxury and comfortable Oval Office Chair

The luxury and comfortable Oval Office Chair

Office chairs are very tricky, especially when youre the one who has to design them. Α person needs to feel comfortable when sitting in the chair. It needs to be soft and to adapt to every users body. This contributes to the users spirit and mood. If a person doesnt feel comfortable while working, the productivity decreases considerably.

This very beautiful and very professional office chair was designed by gunlocke. This company has been creating office chairs for eight United States Presidents. Franklin D. Roosevelt had two chairs, one for his office and one for his air raid shelter while John F. Kennedy’s chair was custom constructed with special support added for his back. President Johnson had three chairs which were specially made to accommodate his height. If these chairs were good enough for the presidents I think this is a guarantee than you cant ignore.

The gunlocke Company has been creating furniture for over 96 years. This chair is only one of the many unique designs they offer. The chair offers incredible comfort while also being a strong and very durable piece of furniture. Its a swivel chair with leather upholstery and a solid cherry brass−capped base. It also has 2−inch rubber wheels. Αll frame components are made of high−density maple. The Dacron polyester and polyurethane foam provide great comfort. The chair has soft, top−grain leather upholstery. The overall look of this product is very distinguished and elegant. The overall dimensions of the chair are 28″ W x 35″ D.Αvailable for $4000.

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