The elegant Banyan armless sofa

The elegant Banyan armless sofa

When it comes to furniture, the designs available offer an infinity of options. The sofas are the most common piece of furniture and so it is natural to have so many options to choose from. However, we managed to find a particular type of sofa that has a more unconventional design. it is not about the shape or the materials used but about small details like the fact that it has no arms and it is so simple it hardly resembles a sofa as we know it.

it is because of those details that this sofa has such a distinguished look. To me it resembles a sort of bench with a higher level of comfort. it is actually a combination of those too. The result is a very simple sofa featuring a minimalist wooden frame with a natural finish and several thick cushions for comfort.

The Βanyan armless sofa features an elegant and very simple look. it is the simplicity that also makes this piece so versatile. You can include this sofa in a classic, modern or rustic living room, in a bedroom, as a complementary seat, on the deck, on the terrace, in the office, basically anywhere you want as long as it is in a protected area. it is the perfect example that shows us you don’t need elaborate designs to impress. This sofa would easily become a focal point in any room without even trying.Αvailable here.

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