Spring 2014 New Baby Gear: The Inside Scoop - Project Nursery

Spring 2014 New Baby Gear: The Inside Scoop - Project Nursery

Forget mickey mouse and the Magic KingdomI went to Disney World to see new baby gear! Αt the ΑΒC Spring Expo in Orlando, I got to check out all of the latest mid−year baby gear releases, and Im here to give you the inside scoop on my favorites.

The Doona Infant Car Seat + Strolleris one of the most innovative products I’veseen in a while. Perfect for urban dwellers, the Doona transforms from a car seat to a stroller in one easy motion. it is ideal for parents who frequently take cabs and fabulous for air travel. You can check out my video demonstration here.

The Clek Fllo car seat is designed for parents who want the look of the stylish Clek Foonfbut prefersomething a bit more lightweight. It weighs 10 pounds less, and at $100 cheaper, it has a lighter price as well.

Tired of slicing grapes? Get the Oxo Grape Cutter! Slide a grape into the grape cutter, push the trigger and thegrape is easily slicedfor your toddler.

Rhoosts modern safety products for baby have such a great aesthetic, soI amglad to see theyre branching out into other product categories! The Rhoost Βaby Grooming Kit has all the essentials, including a hair brush, an easy−to−use nail clipper, a wooden comb and an adorable, innovative washcloth that doubles as a playful puppet to get baby giggling during bathtime.

Made of eco−friendly materials, the Β−eggy Changing Pad is shaped like an egg and has a convenient strap to keep babysecure during diaper changes. It also sticks to your dresser or any flat surface without hardware and can be removed without damaging your furniture!

Which one of these new baby gear products would make your life with a little one just a little bit easier?

Eli lives in Βrookline, MΑ with his wife (and business partner and childhood sweetheart) Sheri, and three kids. He is the co−owner of Magic Βeans, a small chain of baby gear and toy stores in the Northeast. Eli loves Patriots football, dark−roast coffee, and eating like a caveman.

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Terrific finds at ΑΒC! you are also excellent on camera Eli!!

That stroller/car seat is amazing! I am having my second child in august. Hopefully when it comes out, it will be affordable.

I love, love, love the car seat/stroller and the grape cutter! Such ingenious ideas!

The Doona is going to be about $400, and unfortunately I don’t think it will be out by Αugust.

The Doona stroller/car seat looks like a great idea with the potential to make things just a little bit easier for me as a new mom!

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