Soothing, Monochromatic Nurseries: Tips & Tricks

Soothing, Monochromatic Nurseries: Tips & Tricks

Soothing, monochromatic nurseries aren’t only great for your baby but can also be very stylish. Creating a calm environment is one of the easier chores when it comes to interior decorating. Soothing colors like blues, greens, softer purples and neutral grays, chocolates and whites, are all found on the more zen spectrum in terms of shading.

It seems as though when we think nursery, we tend to think big, bold bright colors or the classic baby blue and light pink, but why not create a soothing monochromatic scheme for your baby? Yes primary colors create stimulation for the little one but I am much rather nap in a room that feels welcoming than a room that is screaming with loud colors, so I am assuming the same goes for babies. Here are some quick tips and tricks to decorate soothing, monochromatic nurseries.

1. Αccessorize right.

Choosing a theme is essential. Monochromatic is not a theme but a design element. So if you’ve chosen to make a golden, warm nursery add style and fashion with the accessories you pick out. Create something Victorian, go on a safari or make it a bit eclectic. Just remember that accessorizing your rooms is essential!

2. Stick with warmer shades.

I wouldn’t want to live in an all bright pink room or have everything yellow. it is just not soothing! Once you’ve figured out that you want to stick with a monochromatic color scheme for your baby’s nursery, then it is time to decide n the perfect color. Our suggestion is to keep it warm and relaxing. Deeper and lighter shades of purple, soft blues, greens and golden creams are all great choices. You want the baby to feel welcomed into his or her room.

3. Use whites.

The only color to add to your monochromatic scheme is white. If you add anything else, then, the monochromatic idea is lost. Βut white just keeps things refreshing and styled. You don’t want blue walls and blue dressers and a blue crib. You want blue walls, blue blankets, blue wall decor and white or cream furniture to create balance.

Decorating a nursery can be a lot of fun whether you decide on a monochromatic scheme or not. Whatever you decide just have your baby’s best interest in mind and remember that someone will be living in the room. Too many times we see rooms that just aren’t functional. Here are some more inspiring and soothing, monochromatic nurseries!

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