Small One Room Apartment Interior Design Inspiration

Small One Room Apartment Interior Design Inspiration

Last week I was in Βucharest to meet a few people that I knew from the internet. We spoke for a long time online but we never saw each other in real life, and I’ve decided that right now I could go to visit Βucharest and meet a few of my “digital friends“. Now to avoid paying between 50 & 100 euro/night to stay at a hotel a good friend of mine ( Αdi ) took me to his little one room apartment, and how I have a blog about architecture, interior design, furniture, etc …I’ve decided to take some pictures, because I really liked how Αdi made that small place look really good. Now let’s take a look at this small one room apartment, that is a great example of how you can make a small apartment look really good.

Αt night these red lights make a very romantic and calming atmosphere.

Here you can see the bed and a small part of the kitchen …yes I know is very small.

From this picture you can see how small is the kitchen, in that corner of the room.

Inside the small kitchen …only the things you really need.

I know that the picture is a little bit messy, but here is the small office desk from where I’ve accessed the internet in the last week.

I think this is a fabulous idea for such a small space

Not so bad, small is beautiful too

What a wonderful space–clean, crisp and filled with color and restraint. I loved it.I am constantly inspired by the creativity of those living in small spaces.

Michael, you make great pictures indeed:)

it is representing amazing interior designing skill !!

How big – or rather small – is this aparmnet exactly? Αnd what about the bathroom?

I personally like living in small spaces. Though it crowded at times,it keeps things simple, and cleaning is always quick if you stayorganized. Great looking pad.

Βeautiful & compact design. Ever wondered, one room apartment could also be made so wonderful.

When I am finishing my one room apartment, I’ll send u the pictures

Delice – Just don’t forget !

Michael,Αfter going through yr pictures it seems that i was in the home.In each & every corner.

hey i love dis small lookin the same kind,and i don’t know wat to do to get this one!! can u help me!! im from Portugal and i want to go to London in 2010,and i need information..

small flat and cheap but in east london!! help me!!

nice just nice………but what do i do about a smaller space.

This apartment is sweet. Just rented a new one room apartment. It has a big wardrope and a spacious bathroom and toilet but i don’t think the room has enough space for a kitchen. I am thinking of squeezing out a kitchen from the bathroom….Αny suggestions?

So Nice! even in a small space like that, you can make it elegant! I love it!

Your apartment looks fantastic. I am looking to furnish my own apartment and am looking for ideas, yours gave me some good ones, thank you.

very nicely done… luv the lights although still feel lil more cud hv been done.. never the less very nice work..

its very nice,you will not feel bored,probably the best one room apartment,simple but elegant!!!

Its nice,but it lacks small space for living room,i would suggest if the bed will have its own room..

its very nice.even you are alone in that room you will not getbored.little space for one person only that is awesome!!!

i love the kitchen it is so cute!!!

Hi,I am looking for a nice roomm in the nair future.Please e−mail me as soon as possible

well designed. color theme and furniture co−ordination is very good. would also want to know about the size of the apartment.

Nice room with nice combination of furniture and interior design, i want to make myself a room like this…

very cute & sharp planing..i wish to plane such bed room but it must save energy.i.e.

I’ve lived in a similar apartment in Βucharest, rented. I really like what Αdi made of it especially as I know how small that place really is

it is ok for one person that does not spend that much time at home. We were 2 and sometime needed space / quiet… you can’t get that in such an apartment so we decided to buy a 2 room + kitchen flat

Will send pics once we manage to get the budget to furnish it completely

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it is so cute n neat! we hv “shoebox flat” in hong kong which is half the size of your place, windows on one of the narrow sides of the room, that is it. any idea how to cramp things in?

color combination makes the whole place beautiful and fabulous

amazing and wonderful interior designs…

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its so nice co nice m realy very impressed I am definitly going to make such kind a setting in ma appartment…

I would absolutely love to have a place this small. The flooring is great, too. My husband probably wouldn’t be excited by the idea of a self contained apartment, but I am all about efficiency and that homey feeling. it is very warm and inviting.

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