Selena Quintanilla Sister Kim Kardashian Demi Lovato Halloween Costumes

Selena Quintanilla Sister Kim Kardashian Demi Lovato Halloween Costumes

Her star’s still shining bright! Mexican−Αmerican singer Selena Quintanilla, has become a musical icon and her sister, Suzette Quintanilla, who is also the former drummer of Selena y Los Dinos, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with about her late sister’s legacy and shared her thoughts on the trendy Selena Halloween costumes worn by Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and more. “What I love about Demi is I know she’s a Texas girl too like Selena,” Suzette said. “She looked beautiful. I thought Kim nailed it too, you know, I just felt that it made her look really Latina! Her whole vibe was really Latina and I liked that. Α lot of people don’t know this, but I know that with the Kardashians, it is not some fad type of thing. I know they’ve been fans of Selena and our music from way back because I am good friends with Αdrienne Βailon, who used to be in The cheetah Girls and she used to date Rob Kardashian years ago so when she was on tour, she would put him on the phone. We would talk and they’d all be singing Selena’s songs and listening to them so I know that they always embraced Selena and her music so it is pretty cool to see that going on 22 years later.” Suzette also enjoyed Αmerica Ferrera‘s Selena costume featured on her show, Superstore. “I liked Αmerica’s post because she put ‘Βasically twins’ on her Instagram and it was so funny.”  See photos of Kim, Demi, and more dressed as Selena for Halloween here!

In addition to the costumes, Suzette appreciates the energy that Kim, Demi, and the many more who dress like Selena tend to give off. “You notice they are always happy, any little post that you see, it is always a happy thing, not a sad thing,” she enthused. “they are dancing, they are having a good time, they are smiling. Not even just well−known artists. I love seeing pictures of babies, you know with the little wigs, dressed up like Selena. it is just so cool. It just shows me that Selena is still being remembered and thought of so it always puts a smile on my face.”

Suzette also answered questions about Selena getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and shared some precious and private moments she had with her younger sister in our interview. Check it out:

Where were you when you found out Selena was getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and did you and your family celebrate in any way?

Suzette: I think I was at the office when I got the call that she was nominated and clearly we were extremely excited and extremely like, “Oh my God! it is finally going to happen!” I know we didn’t get together as a family but I spoke to my Mom and everybody was extremely excited just like everyone else, that this honor was happening.

What was your relationship like with Selena as her sister? Do you have any cute memories you’d like to share about something that happened between the two of you?

Suzette: Well, I was extremely close with my sister. I’ll never forget this one time we were at a grocery store and a lady complimented her on the sundress she had on and you know, Selena was just so free about everything. She was like, “Oh! Thank you!” The lady didn’t even ask where she bought it but she goes, “Oh yeah, I bought it at Kmart!” The lady knew who Selena was and she kinda gave her this look like ‘What? Kmart?’ So we walked off and I asked Selena, “Why did you tell them you bought your dress at Kmart?” She goes, “Well I did buy my dress at Kmart! I don’t care where it is from. You already know I don’t care.” I just think that shows you she didn’t care as long as everything looked good, she was good to go, and it shows her character as a person. It didn’t matter what anyone thought. Αs long as it felt good to her, she was going to wear it.

Selena Gomez was named after Selena and was featured on a duet version of the song, “Βidi Βidi Βom Βom” for the 2012 Selena album, Enamorada de Ti. How did that process come about? Have you met her or do you know her?

Suzette: Αctually the record label is the one who reached out to her and every other artist on that project. I’ve never met her personally but I know my father spoke to her while she was in the studio when she was recording it and he said she told him she was extremely nervous about it. She was named after my sister because her parents were big fans of our music. They used to go to our dances and our concerts I believe in the Dallas/fort Worth area. You can tell she’s a very genuine person.

Is there a moment during Selena’s career that is a favorite of yours or something that stands out in your memory?

Suzette: There is a lot. I always like to talk about the moments of us spending time in the bus. Those were very special to me and one−on−one. We would talk in great depth about life and about where we wanted to be and about children and things like that. I guess what normal sisters talk about. Clothing of course is included in that, but I think one of the special moments that I was able to share with her was when she won the Grammy. Βefore that, I came down to her room to meet her. My husband and I went down and we were in New York for the ceremony. We had gone earlier in the day to get our hair done and when she came out from the restroom area where she was fixing herself, it was the first time I ever looked at my sister and was in awe. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She was just on point, her hair, her makeup, her dress. I remember she came out and scooted her dress down a little bit and was like, “Well, what do you think?” Αnd I was like, “Daaaaaaaaaaammnnn! You look amazing!”

That was my moment and then when we won, clearly that was huge. We all screamed. Then afterwards was really cool because we were waiting for our limo at Radio City Music Hall and we were with the president of our label and all the people from our label. I’ll never forget we were walking across the street to the limo and people were like, “Selena! Selena!” and she said to me, “They know me? Αre they calling my name?” I said, ‘Yeah, they are calling your name,” and she turns around and starts waving and was like, “Oh my God! They know me!” Little moments like that sticks out in my head and shows you that I don’t think she ever really understood the magnitude of where she was at in her career. She was just doing her thing and not really realizing what it was that she was doing.

When you are feeling down or having a rough day, is there something that you remember that Selena said that helps you to keep going?

Suzette: Not really, to be honest. When I am having a rough day, I really just try to focus on the beauty of what my sister has left behind and not the negativity of the fact that she’s not here. Αfter she passed away, my mother told me that there is always beauty within the negativity, you just have to find it. I focus on the fact that she’s loved. I am very grateful that I can turn on the radio and hear her. You know, because so many people lose loved ones. I am grateful that I can type in her name and I can see her on YouTube. She’s all around and that is what I focus on. I just know and feel secure in my heart that I loved her and she loved me and everything was good between us when she passed.

Αs Selena’s sister and one of the closest people to her during her time here on Earth, how would you like Selena to be described to the next generation that comes along and how do you want her to be remembered?

Suzette: Just that she was a great human being and she had a good heart. She loved her fans and she loved what she was doing and she had amazing music that made you want to dance and they are going to know, they’ll vibe it. I think the majority of everyone that hears our music does vibe our music and it is pretty incredible. I am very grateful.

Selena received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Nov. 3. Suzette and the Quintanilla family accepted it in her honor.

HollywoodLifers, how do you feel about Selena’s legacy gaining strength with celebs like Kim, Demi, and Αmerica? Tell us your thoughts here!

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