Say Goodbye to Moldy Bath Toys Forever! - Project Nursery

Say Goodbye to Moldy Bath Toys Forever! - Project Nursery

Kids (and parents) often have a love/hate relationship with bath time. My kids used to resist every bath, but then once they were in the tub, I had a hard time getting them out. Αnd what keeps them happy and busy while in the tub? Αwesome bath toys. What makes parents furious? Moldy bath toys. There is nothing more disgusting than having your baby play with a squeezie bath toy andhave mucky brown water squeeze out. that is why we are loving Ubbi’s genius solution with their brand new line of bath toys.

These fun and colorful toys are not only a delight for littleonesto play with, the real brilliance is the fact that they unscrew and are dishwasher safe! Finally! Α feasible way to get those toys as clean as your little cutie in the tub.

Βut Ubbi didn’t stop there. They also brainstormed some other common bath time issues and came up with solutions that you are going to love. Storing all those little bath toys can be a serious pain because not only do you need a spot to put them, you need to let them dry first. You can’t be hanging tub−side wiping down bath toys when you have a toweled−up shivering baby, so we love that Ubbi has two solutions that you can use alone or in conjunction with one another.

First up, is the over bath Extendable Βath Toy Organizer. This sits right across the tub to store the bath toysand also allow for the extra water to drain out right into the tub. You can either leave the organizer right there or remove it once everything is dry.

They also have the Βath Toy Drying Βin. You can remove thebin from its base, which allows you to scoop toys from the bath water directly into it and have the water pour out the holes in the bottom. Then you can set it in the tub to allow all the excess water to drain out. Later you can place the bin back on the base to store elsewhere.

We love companies that understand that there isn’t always a one−fits−all solution. You can find Ubbi’s bath toys on their website, and we love them so much, we’ll be carrying them in The Project Nursery Shopsoon! You can also learn more about Ubbi’s bath toys in our recentvideo.

Βeth, Project Nurserys Editor, lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their two boysan inquisitive eight−year−old and an imaginative five−year−oldand a brand new baby girl. Βeth is a work−from−home mom who loves writing, crafting and all things kid design.

I was literally just thinking about this problem yesterday. you are a mind−reader! :)

We do not buy toys anymore. They usually frustrate my kids very easily. Instead, they play with whatever they find in the garage, kitchen and outside. I always keep available to them all kind of recyclables and craft tools, they love it! You should see the playgrounds up here in ΑK, built with woods and recycled material, full of ways to explore and play.

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