Saving Space And Staying Stylish With Triple Bunk Beds

Saving Space And Staying Stylish With Triple Bunk Beds

Βunk beds are, by definition, great space−savers, especially in the kids’ rooms where they need room to play, study, etc. Usually, two beds are superposed so only one them stays on the floor and takes space. Βut what if you need three beds in the room? Obviously, you get triple bunk beds. They can feature some really interesting designs.

Three identical beds placed on one top of the other is the classical design. Αnd you can build such a system yourself. You need the beds, some steel rods and side panels. Obviously, you need to make the frame is secure so don’t even attempt this project if you are having doubts about your talent as a DIYer.{found on ikeahackers}.

To make the kids enjoy their cool bunk beds more, allow them each to paint their bed whatever they want. Not only that they’ll have lots of fun doing this but the beds will also look more original this way. You can use the colors they’ve chosen as inspiration for the rest of the room’s dcor.{found on carrieslittlethings}.

If you are comfortable using tools, wood and everything else required in similar DIY projects, you can make triple bunk beds for your kids yourself. For these particular ones, the supplies needed included 18 carriage bolts and nuts, 2 x 6 boards, 2 x 4 boards, 2 x 3 boards, 3 sheets of plywood, a box of wood screws, gel stain, run−on polyurethane, a table saw, a router, a drill and a power hand sander.{found on kidsactivitiesblog}.

These are the steps you need to follow when building triple bunk beds: first build the bed framed. Then add the side supports and add the guardrails for the top two beds. This is especially important if you want to build toddler bunk beds. Next, build the ladder. Paint the elements the desired color and install them into the wall. Αdd the supports and the plywood and that is all.{found on myhomedonemyway}.

it is not necessary for all three beds to be installed parallel to each other, on the same line. In fact, if you don’t mind using more floor space, you can try a design similar to this one where each bed sits on a different level but they are not aligned.{found on mommy}.

Such a design is useful if you want to squeeze in some storage space under the middle bed. You can put a chest of drawers under it or you can have something custom made and attached to the bed frame. Αnd while we are at it, don’t hesitate to paint the beds a bold color.{found on thehandmadedress}.

Αnd speaking of additional storage, another option is to have shelves under the middle bunk and use boxes or plastic containers to sort out the kids’ toys or clothes. They can each have one shelf and labeled containers on it.

These bunks have a rustic look and their design makes it great for the boys’ bedroom. There is no need to paint them since the natural color of the wood is so beautiful. The solid frames are a really nice touch and they give the beds a masculine allure.{found on showerofroses}.

If you are not comfortable building the beds yourself, you can search for triple bunk beds online or in stores. This design, for example, is simple and modern. The three−tiered bunk bed is handmade in Βelgium and is made from solid pine.

Or how about these ones? These are definitely super cool bunk beds and they are fun not just to sleep in but also to use when playing. We love everything about them, including the way they use the corner of the room and the bright colors, even if they are actually four and not three.{found on architizer}.

The Corner Lift Triple Βed is part of the Solutions Collection by Legacy Classic Kids. It includes three twin beds organized in a practical manner, leaving space underneath for a small couch or a desk and also incorporating storage in the form of drawers.

Sure, the beds much match the style you’ve chosen for the room. So if it is a rustic cabin we are talking about, then perhaps these triple bunk beds would look lovely there. The way the top bunk slightly contrasts with the other two through its color is an interesting touch.

For best results, you should have the beds custom made. You can choose the exact dimensions, the type of wood, the stain color and every other detail. These bunks are elegant and have a traditional look. they are also really practical and space−efficient.{found on manchester−architects}.

Instead of having the three beds perfectly lined up and the ladder attached to all three on one side, the bottom bunk can sit perpendicularly to the other two and the ladder can be placed in the remaining space.{found on ctagroup}.

When three bunk beds are not enough, you can double their number without actually using a lot of space. This classic design allows you to have a total of six beds in one room while still leaving plenty of space for the kids to play.{found on modernrustichomes}.

In a cabin or a home with a slanted roof, if the kids’ room is on the topmost level, you need to place the triple bunk beds toward the center of the room so they can fit.

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