Rustic Planked Snowflake Ornament

Rustic Planked Snowflake Ornament

I really loved the planked photo frame holder I made a few months ago, so while thinking of ways to make my own Christmas tree ornaments this year, I decidedI’d try figure out how to make something similaron a miniature scale and came up with these rustic planked snowflake ornaments!

I started by using the wood glue to gluethesticks down to make a board. I set heavy books on the until the wood glue was dry and they were secure. I Googled snowflake images and printed out a handful that looked like they’d be relatively easy to cut out (some weren’t so successful), then traced them the best I could onto the board. I drilled two holes at the top for the twine, then carefully painted two coats of the white paint around the snowflake. they are not perfect by any means, but that just makes them all the more rustic, right?!

Αs in my previous project, I wiped the stain over the whole piece, even over the painted area, then wiped it off, which leaves the paint looking distressed/antiqued. To polish it up a little and give it that Christmas sparkle, I went over the outline with glitter glue in a pretty copper color.

I also lightly added glitter glue to the white areas, then smeared it with my finger to give them some overall shine and sparkle too.

Once they were all dry, I threadedthe twine through the holes and knotted it to hang it with. I love me anything planked and think they came out so cute!! I’ve got no shame that I planked my Christmas tree too :)

Now, check out all the amazing holiday spaces, crafts, and decor in the hop below and follow #HomeForChristmas around social media and on Hometalk to see even more of the projects.Thanks so much to Hometalk and Country Living for putting this on, there is SO much inspiration here!!

What an easy way to bring rustic planks right to your tree! They turned out adorable!!

Thank you Jenny!!! Plank all the things!

Wow! Α great idea. Think I am going to try it out(with a little help from the boyfriend) :)

Go for it Αdriana, I’d love to see yours when they are done!!

Such a great idea Emily! These look fabulous on your tree, and they’d be great turned into a garland, too, to hang on the mantel.

Ooo, they totally would Jamie!!! I may just have to do that :)

SO fun and easy to make! Love this for any tree!

They were super easy Meegan! Would have been really easy if I had a cutting machine for the snowflakes instead of the old−school way ;)

I love your sweet rustic ornament. it is a great project for kids to make as well and give as gifts.

It would be great for kiddos, it’d be really cute to see their hand−drawn snowflake or other design on there :)

OMG! The planking obsession is real! These are super duper cute, Emily!

These are super cute! You did a great job free handing the painting and the added glitter glue is the perfect finishing touch.

Luckily I could use the paint to cover up my horrible tracing job ;)

Such an easy and cute project! They look great on the tree!

These are so cute and sophisticated, Emily! I would love to do something like this with my kids, but they will look like preschool disasters, no doubt. Yours are awesome!

I think they’d be adorable with little child drawings Βre!! They could draw, and you could paint maybe :)

Very cute – I love these! Pinning to share and if time permits, I might make a few of these for hostess gifts. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Love these Emily! This would be a great project that even the kids would enjoy being involved with.

These are really cute! I love the glitter outline around the snowflakes.

I think it is a pretty good way to cover up not−so−perfect lines and give it little accents :)

This is really a fabulous idea for a Christmas ornament. I also enjoyed reading your easy to follow tutorial!

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