Riad Joya Hotel in Marrakesh

Riad Joya Hotel in Marrakesh

Every hotel in the world tells its visitors a story, but Riad Joya Hotel from Marrakesh, Marocco, tells visitors more than a simple story, as it is like an encyclopedia: you find out things about the history, traditions and culture of the Maroccan people even if you only see it. Here, you seem to discover a fairytale world: a square building which has a small yard in the middle – nothing unusual by now, but in this area, everything looks like a riad and suggeststhe Maroccan style.

The building in itself is imposing, its structure resembling the Roman, Greek and Ottoman type of home with an open central yard; the four columns are Doric, the fountain in the center is classical. The colors are natural: like sand in the case of the walls, while the furniture and certain objects have pastel shades and an uniqueness impossible to forget.

Αlso the materials are simple and natural: wood, iron, bronze, terracotta and all sorts of natural interior materials: linen, cotton, silk, velvet. Each corner has adifferentstyle and a cultural reference which make you think about the history and traditionsof this people.

There are also colonial elements which have their own charm and a distinctiveΑrabic mark. Every single object, no matter it is a Turkish glass lantern or a wood chair, itseems to tell a story. You cannot do anything else than relax and enjoy the typical ambiance of this drem residence which seems to be taken from another world, maybe from “1001 Nights”.

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