Renovated farmhouse combining vintage and modern

Renovated farmhouse combining vintage and modern

This beautiful, not to mention spacious farmhome has been recently renovated and now its a combination of vintage, classical and modern elements that work together and combine harmoniously to form an inviting home. Αs you enter, you can see a portrait that dates back to the 17−18th century on the hallway, just above a beautiful sofa. Αn ancient door lets you get inside and gives you a taste of what expects you next.

Inside you can admire the beautiful, traditional Catalan vault, the bleached, whitewashed walls that have a very distinguished look and the vintage furniture such as the French old garden collection and the lamp. Αnd since we reached the outside areas, theres also a beautiful pergola and an outdoor dining area with a wooden table made by craftsmen from the region after one of the owners designs. Everything is illuminated with French industrial lamps.

The kitchen is decorated in deep purple, not a common choice for that particular room of the home. The furniture matches the walls and everything seems to be in the same tone. In the living room theres a very cozy atmosphere, enhanced by the presence of a fireplace. The master bedroom is interestingly decorated, with an iron bed and metal headboard dressed in antique linens. The home also incorporated a sort of office with a desk placed under a picture of Sean Scully.{found on nuevo−estilo}

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