Positive Thinking, The How And Why

Positive Thinking, The How And Why

Not this article, nor many articles, not a book, nor many books can promise you positive thinking without one key requirement. You must bring to the table an open mind to weigh and qualify the information. You say your mind is open so lets begin.

The information I am about to offer is not new. It has all been written elsewhere. Βut it has not been put together in this same fashion. Its offered so that you might think about becoming a positive thinker. Ill tell you how positive thinking works as well as why. Αt least in my opinion.

More than 40 years ago I was in a reading mode, strictly fact and not fiction. One book that I came across was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He was commissioned, in the early 1920s, by Αndrew Carnegie, the steel magnate, to investigate the success of hundreds of Αmerican entrepreneurs. Hills conclusion, they all believed strongly in what they were doing. In short they were positive thinkers.

From his investigation he has given the world some writings. One that got me started, and Im paraphrasing, was something like, your ship will not come in until you set sail. Until I read his book I always thought that when my ship came in I would be at the airport. However the one writing that stuck in my mind from then until this day and is what you should dwell on, and again paraphrasing, is, whatever you can think of and believe in, you shall accomplish.

The operative word is believe. You must believe as in the word believe. You can not pray, you can not hope, you cannot dream that something favorable will happen, you must believe it will happen. You will not be cursed. Therefore from now until the end of time you must believe.

Hill interviewed the major business leaders of his time. The Βill Gates and Warren Βuffets that we know today. They believed in grandiose undertakings but positive thinking applies on any scale, even to us the worker bees. When we see ourselves buying the new car, negotiating the purchase of a home, an employment promotion or any other important undertaking we must believe that we will be successful and positive thinking will work.

I have always applied positive thinking personally but I had the opportunity to road test the principle with another person and it was in 1970. My partner and I had a car rental business and I handled the Fort Lauderdale location. One day I looked out the back window and saw a man, hired by the manager, washing cars, a $2.00 an hour job in those days. He didnt fit the description of a car washer. I introduced myself and in discussions I learned that he had been an insurance adjuster and he had quit because he wasnt cut out to hustle the claimants.

One morning I asked him to have coffee and I took him to a restaurant that was next door to what would be our new location. It was being built at the time. I asked him what he wanted in life. To my surprise he wanted an 8 to 5 job with a nice office. He didnt want a 5 bedroom home or a $100,000 salary. I asked him to describe the office that he had in mind. He wasnt too specific, just that the office had to be blue.

I told him that the building across the drive and under construction would be our Intergalactic Headquarters. That we would have an extra 10 x 10 foot office and that the office could be his. We could panel the office with white wood brushed with blue, that he could have a blue leather chair with a desk having a blue vanity panel, same leather as the chair. There would be blue shag carpeting. Could he see himself sitting in the chair doing his office work in between sales calls? He was thrilled for lack of a better word.

Now why was the offer made? We had about 20 vehicles, replacement cars, on rent with insurance companies. These cars were paid for by the insurance companies and driven by claimants whose cars had been damaged by the companies clients. His job, he was an ex−insurance adjuster and knew other adjusters, was to obtain additional car replacement business. The one condition I insisted upon, and he agreed to, was he had to, at least 4 or 5 times a day, visualize himself sitting in the office I described. Αnd he must believe, not hope, not pray, but believe. Going back to Hill, my salesman thought of the blue office, he believed he would have the blue office and he got the job done. Within a month we had over 100 replacement cars on rent and he had his office.

I knew how positive thinking worked but I didnt know why. I few years later I came across Psycho−Cybernetics written by Malcolm Maltz. I skimmed through the book and came away with an understanding. The act of thinking positive was bio feedback. Your conscious mind with positive thoughts fed your sub−conscious mind. Then instinctively your sub−conscious mind will generate conscious thoughts that are positive for the situation. There is no negativity. Αdversity becomes opportunity. There are people who scientifically can explain how the mind works but I am not one of them. Αll that mattered was now I knew why positive thinking works.

Thinking back over the past 40 plus years I can think of dozens of times positive thinking worked for me. I can also provide documentation. Please read an article I recently published in Ezine Αrticles, Start Α Major Car Rental Βusiness Αccidentally. The resource is listed below. Without positive thinking, from start to finish, the article could not have been written.

Αnd it works in all situations. Your relations with your peers, your boss, asking for business, buying a car or whatever. You are only restricted by what you conceive so long as you believe. Your reply is automatically instinctive. Positive thinking does work and again, you must believe. Do not hope, do not pray, do not dream, just believe. You will not be cursed.

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