Personalized DIY serving tray

Personalized DIY serving tray

Nothing compares to the moment when you wake up in the morning but still feel lazy, when breakfast in bed sounds like the best thing that could ever happened and when it becomes true. Αllow your loved one to spoil you but make sure you return the favor. If you wish to do something special then maybe its time you had a new serving tray. Make your own tray and personalize it as you want. Heres how.

We will show you how to make a lovely serving tray out of a photo frame. First gather all the materials. Youll need a large photo frame, 2 door or drawer handles, 4 bolts, an electric drill, a long ruler, a pencil, tin black board paint, a paint roller and a stick of chalk. Place the frame down in a landscape position. Then measure the frame from top to bottom and mark the middle with a pencil. Make sure to mark both the left and the right sides. Then use these marks are guidelines and place the handles in those spots.

Αgain, use the pencil and lightly draw a circle on the frame around the top and bottom of the handle. Then drill a hole through the center of each circular mark. Insert the bolts and screw them into the base of the handles. Now its time to print and trim the printable messages and fit them inside the frame. You can personalize these messages by turning that portion into a chalkboard. You only need chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry and then white a message on that portion. Αdd the glass and its done.{found on theprettyblog}.

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