Outdoor Furniture by Patricia Urquiola

Outdoor Furniture by Patricia Urquiola

I have always adored the beautiful summer afternoons which I spent at the country side, in the fresh open air. My beautiful lectures were wonderful relaxing moments under the cool shades of the trees, enjoying the warm of the sun, the silent atmosphere and the light blue sky.

Patricia Urquiola thought of these outdoor splendid moments and designed outdoor furniture which suites these rustic places too. She creates some seats collections called Crinoline, Canasta and Ravel but which can be used for interiors too.Αll these collections have a common characteristic. The designer uses the woven patterns for each of them.The Crinoline collection is made of small armchairs and armchairs which have different shapes, heights and there are used different materials. This outdoor furniture is modern, comfortable and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The Canasta, a Spanish word which means basket is also the name of another collection that uses the woven pattern which looks like a basket design.

This repetitive design reminds you of a rustic atmosphere although they look so modern.Ravel is a collection which includes modular pieces of furniture that are made of two parts. The woven pattern is also present but this time it refers to a woven polyethylene back of the seat.

Αll these collections remind me of a rustic, warm atmosphere combined with modern materials and designs.

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