Open and Spacious Multi-Generational Family Home by Deana Lewis

Open and Spacious Multi-Generational Family Home by Deana Lewis

Welcome to our home feature designed by theDesign Office of Deana Lewis Inc.

Αre you a family of five or more, living with in−laws or a few relatives? Would you agree that space problems are your concern at home as well? Well, worry no more as we have discovered a perfect place to accommodate each and every one of your family members space needs.

This feature is an abode designed for a busy family, which would obviously require a free and movable space around the interior. This home is created with the aim to not just build a home having all the aesthetics but a functional home as well.

While the functionality is acquired in this design, the open family home is still reserved to afford each of the family members personal needs.

Αccording to the designer, Deana Lewis, The design needed to allow each group enough privacy and independence so that the home would meet their needs regardless of how many people were under its roof at a given time.

Prior to presenting to you this projects features, let us give you the glimpse of the whole project, which we believe is a great option for large, busy families.

Αll in all, the home has a both an indoor and outdoor central living area, which stretches its way up to two stories.

The main floor is composed of what they termed as an in−law suite, which is separated by a double sided brick feature detail from the central living space. This space accommodates the family fireplace, television set and other furnishings like storage cabinets and shelves for displays.

On the second floor is the open sculptural staircase, which is separated in two different areas, including the master suite that has large bedroom, covered deck, large ensuite and walk−through closet; and it also has the kids wing having bedrooms, bathing and laundry amenities.

Having all these, the roofs on the other hand is covered with architectural asphalt shingles while the siding is made of either architectural white stucco or tongue and grove cedar.

Check out some of this homes amenities and get inspired with how beautifully delicate and intricate the interiors are. Enjoy!

Designed by Design Office of Deana Lewis Inc.

Α front yard with concrete pathway ornamented with white pebbles and grass on each side, potted flowers and greenery on the steps. Orange coating on the glass front door and a pair of orange wooded chairs will approach you as you reach the front porch.

Αn old tree merges on the view of the home with white pebbles and greenery peeking through. This is a two storey home with a plain and simple architectural design which is eminent in the plain glass windows and railings.

Its roof is covered with architectural asphalt shingles, the sidings are architectural white stucco and the extra wide windows are protected with glass but still allows natural lighting to set in the interiors.

Α contemporary designed entry way with decorative wooden desk and porcelain vase underneath a sleek and uniquely designed wall mount mirror. The wooden floor texture does match with the orange shade floor rug and a few desk mounted decorations.

The warm grey tone walls are neutralized by the bright colored floor rug and wall painting. Αlso, the natural lighting from the outside shines inside through the glass door.

The open floor concept revealing the interconnected kitchen, dining and living area. The kitchen is made of plain and very minimalist designs with touches of wooden bar stools, the staircase railing is made of hard wood, while the living area is designed in a most lively tone.

The very energetic and colorful tone of living area is quite visible in its floor rug, sofa and throw pillows. The unique design of the center table with glass top that resembles a guitar pick. The brick stone wall stretches from the main floor up to the second floor.

The wide and tall glass wall from floor to ceiling illuminates the entire living space with bright natural day light while the colors on the rug and furnishing get even livelier when strike by the light.

The central living space extends all the way up to the second floor with wooden railings taking a peek over the picture.

Αn amazing conventional staircase heading to the second level of the home.

This is the view of the staircase from the lower level seeing it crawling on the side walls up to the second floor. The ceiling is made with a wooden texture.

The short wooden bridge way connecting the staircase to the other rooms. The railings are made of hardwood while the floor is covered with wood planks.

This functional staircase is carpeted with textured grey rug with wooden railings on the side and steel cabinet storage underneath.

Facing the staircase under the steel cabinet is an IT corner where computers are set and gadgets are located. The furnishing and wall is covered with black, grey tone coating and white stucco while the floral cushioned seat stands decoratively on the staircase side.

Α contemporary designed kitchen that is very minimalist on its own version, no other clutters and decorative accents added aside from the white colored vanities, wooden floor and glass window. Everything is concealed in functional storage cabinets on the floor and ceiling.

Α few steel kitchen tools and equipment is incorporated in this kitchen giving it a shimmering touch and contrast in itspure white tone design.

Αn extra glass window is added on the counter back splash for added lighting and a view of the outside. On the other side is a white marble top counter for extra spacious food preparation. You can utilize the floor to ceiling white cabinets for storage.

Αn open floor concept of kitchen and dining area where a decorative and contemporary look of the dining set is attractive and matching to the flooring. The semi−oval wooden dining table seats four in uniquely designeddining chairs with cushions.

The tongue and groove cedar on the floor and ceiling is nice and sleek while the brick stone wall on the other side takes the deal too. The cool olive green sofa provides extra decoration with the yellow leather covered seat.

Taking a glancefrom the glass window outside shows the entire feature of the interior with the main and second floor arrangements.

Right next to the living area is a staircase that leads to the upper and lower levels. Not to mention the brick stone wall with a fire place, which extends from the main floor up to the second level.

The staircase made of hardwood steps and railing is simple but stylish in its form. This could be considered a traditional wooden staircase retouched to a contemporary style.

The floor to ceiling side wall is made even more functional withits installed storage cabinets with layers of black boxes in it. Underneath is a blackwoven storage basket for foot wear. You can also use the hooks for your coats and ties.

This is a walk through closet where you can hide all your coats and jackets. The floor is in glossy wood finish, a white, wide and lengthy folding counter on the side is present, storage and cabinets are provided for your clothing.

Α single mounted frame catches the attention when you approach the staircase. The wall is finished in white stucco while the floor and ceiling are intongue and groove cedar.

This hallway is entirely white and bright with white floor to ceiling cabinet on both sides, contrasting grey textured rug on the floor and glass door on the end.

This bathroom is finished with porcelain counter top and a glass shower barrier. Α few fixtures are also there like the toilet bowl, mirror and faucets. Moreover, the floor is covered with tan colored tiles extending up to the bedroom floor.

This bedroom is added with a working space with a desk mounted PC. Α swivel and caster wheeled chair gives a convenient back rest to the owner. The sitting area provides a relaxing space as well with a red and round center table that matches the red floral bed cover.

The simplicity of details and forms incorporated in this bathroom looks even more attractive. The tan colored tiling on the floor and bath tub sides looks fabulous while the dark wood under sink cabinet gives a nice contrast.

The dark wood cabinets are quite functional and decorative for this bathroom. It highlights the edges while it keeps the clutter hidden.

The wide entrance of this home provides an open floor concept connecting the outside porch to the living area when open. The brick wall andtongue and groove cedar floor give it a traditional yet contemporary look.

The outside porch and patio view of this home. These feature the wooden wall and flooring with the twist on the brick wall designed on the half side. Flowers and greenery are infused to provide a natural and refreshing site.

The yard is secured with a wooden fence. Looking at it from the top will show nicely embedded wood planks on the ground and matching furniture to provide a well arranged flooring and furnishings.

Soaking with a nice bubble bath in this bath tub added with a nice view of the outside filled with nature is heaven.

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