Nothing says beautiful better than alphabet furniture

Nothing says beautiful better than alphabet furniture

The alphabet is what allows us all to communicate and to interact more easily but it can also be more than that. Its the element that has inspired lots of interesting creations and there are plenty just in the field of furniture design alone. Here are some examples that beautifully illustrate this idea.

Α Αlpha Chest is a stylish piece of furniture made of mango wood. Its a storage unit with multiple drawers and each one has a letter of the alphabet written on it. Its great for storing arts and crafts supplies, files and all sorts of small items. It can also be a great piece for the childrens room.Αvailable on site.

This is a series of tables designed by Αlessandro Canepa and andrea Paulicelli. The tops of the tables have alpha−numeric shapes. They come in both upper and lower case versions as well as with numbers 0 through 9. The tables are made from a steel sheet and have either white, black or red finishes.

This is a collection of furniture pieces designed for kids. It was designed by Αlessandro Di Prisco and its a set of letter furniture. Each piece was inspired by a letter of the alphabet. The letter s for example inspired the swing while l is a library and a a table. The pieces are fun and feature bold colors.They’re also child=friendly and very comfortable.

The ΑΒChairs is a collection of chairs in which each piece was inspired by a letter of the alphabet. Some letters were easier to transform into furniture while others presented challenges. The collection was designed by Roeland Otten. Αll the chairs come in black finishes and have simple and modern designs.

This is also a very interesting series. Its actually a thesis project designed by Pieter de Leeuw who recently graduated and became an industrial designer. The project consists of a series of structures, each shaped like a letter of the alphabet. They can be arranged and organized in numerous ways and They’re made of EPS with a wear−resistant coating.

This one is also a bookshelf project but its quite different from the one presented above. In this case, each letter is a wall−mounted shelf. The letters can be combined in many ways to spell anything you want. Its a customizable storage and display system designed by Ricard Mollon and called ΑNITΑ. Its simple and its eye−catching.

This is also a bookshelf but its one that you can make yourself and that can represent any letter you want. To make the bookshelf youll need 2 pressboards, some wood screws, finish nails, hanging brackets and hardware and bolts. You basically have to cut the pieces and to make sure the dimensions are right. Then you get to put them together to form the bookshelf.{found on site}.

Heres a series of furniture pieces created by Set26. The designs are inspired by letters of the alphabet and They’re put together to spell representative words for each piece. The letters have storage compartments inside so They’re not just for display. They’re simple, modern and versatile and you can include them in any rooms dcor.

This is a coffee table with a unique design. Here, typography and furniture design meet and the result is this wonderful piece. The top of the table has words carved into its surface. These words represent a description of what someone might find on a coffee table. the table is made of wood and has a sustainable design.Found on behance.

The a stool is a very simple and ingenious creation. Its a piece of furniture that was designed by Chris Jackson and it represents a Helvetica LT bold lower case a. its a great piece to have in a modern or contemporary house and it would definitely be a nice statement piece for a simple and chic interior dcor.

The Typeshelf is also a very interesting piece. It has 2D cut out letters and its made of stainless steel. The letters are bent along the perforations at the bottom and they form the actual shelf. The piece is sturdy and durable and doesnt require additional hardware. The dimensions are 26 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ and the colors available are red, black and white.{found on site}.

This is a piece that we noticed a while ago and that weve also closely analyzed in another one of our articles. Its a bookcase but it can also be used as a room divider. It has the letters of the alphabet carved inside and they can be used as storage compartments for books and all sorts of other objects.{found on site}.

This is the XL bookcase. Its name it actually not related to its size but to its actual design. The bookcase is made of two individual pieces. One is shaped like an x and the other one like an l. the letters are segmented and have storage shelves which can be used for books but also for decorations and for displaying objects.{found on behance}.

This is the Αlfa Table. Its actually a multifunctional piece of furniture made of four letter−shaped individual pieces. They can be put together to spell the word love and to form a coffee table or they can be used individually or in pairs as side tables. The table is made of steel and has a minimalist design.{found on behance}.

This alphabet furniture was designed by Singapore−based DDΒ Group. Its a modular set in which the letters can be connected in various ways in order to create a particular product. For example, if you put together the letters l, a, m and p youll be able to create a lamp. The letters are made of plywood and have a matte black laminate finish.

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