Noa Lucente Glass Lamps by Lucente

Noa Lucente Glass Lamps by Lucente

There are many styles and sizes of glass shades, many of which are standard. It can be initially confusing trying to figure out the right size and style for your particular fixture or lamp, but here are some really cool glass lamps for modern houses.

Italian companyLucente has revealed a new collection of glowing glass globes called Noa. This cool lamps will make your house very luxurious and they come in tabletop, ceiling−mounted and wall−mounted designs (22/36/44cm diameter by 14/26.5/31cm), pendant lamps (36/44 cm diameter by 139/144cm) and floor lamps (36/44cm diameter by 250/300cm).

The collection comes in a variety of sizes and colors to complete your house and also the eco−conscious decorator, these glass lamps use energy−saving light bulbs. You can choose a simple white lamp and try to blend it in with all the other features in your house, or you can choose a more colorful one to add some fun to the room. The choice is yours.

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