Nelson Swag Leg Rectangular Dining Table

Nelson Swag Leg Rectangular Dining Table

It may be puzzling but this Nelson Swag Leg Rectangular Dining Table is designed by George Nelson and produced by herman miller company. So a piece of furniture is linked to two very powerful names in house design. George Nelson was a visionary, an inspired designer who is still treasured and appreciated so many years after he got famous. He created this table with the idea of making something useful, easy to assemble and also a piece of furniture with sculptural legs. that’s why the table legs are made of metal and also machine made and pre−finished.

The original table was part of the Swag collection that was designed in 1958 by George Nelson and this is only a re−make of the old model. However, everything about the original design was kept, starting from the unusual shape of the metal legs and finishing with the funny wooden X underneath. That makes the components of the table really easy to assemble. The name of the collection, hence the name of this dining table comes from the word “swag” meaning “to use pressure to taper and curve a metal tube”, which describes perfectly the way you should assemble the legs to the table. The stretchers are made of solid walnut and so is the table top. The table is available for $1129.65.

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