Modern double back sofa bed

Modern double back sofa bed

Heres an idea that Im sure everyone will like. Its a very interesting detail that makes this sofa very special. The K−01 sofa bed is not a very impressive piece of furniture when you look at it. It has a very simple design, clean lines, no additional details. What makes is special is its ability to adjust the angle at which it inclines.

Αnother very important detail is that this is a double back sofa. This means that if two persons are seating side by side on this sofa they dont necessarily have to seat in the same position. One half can be a sofa while the other can be a bed. Its useless to say that the sofa is convertible and it can easily become a very comfortable bed. These new additions are actually very useful because they can help the user feel comfortable regardless of the actions hes performing. For example if the user is watching TV hell need a more comfortable position. If hes just sitting there talking with someone the standard position is perfect. Αlso, when extra guest come over, a bed will be necessary.

Its a very practical solution. The sofa is modern, beautiful and also very functional. This comfortable double back sofa is available for $750. Αlso, you can choose another color if you dont like black. The sofa is also available is brown or white leather textile.

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