Website Review & Ratings + Coupons Website Review & Ratings + Coupons is an online store that sell travel−sized and individual sized products in huge range. They carry more than 2,000 travel−sized and individual sized products in stock, including more than 100 kits and gift sets, and They’re continually adding to their inventory. Their travel sized products play very important role when you’re logging off to camping, outdoor sports, backpacking, etc.,

For those, who are on diet plans such as gluten−free, sugar−free, or low carbohydrates, their individual scaled food, greens salad wearing, and condiment packages will help keep eating right wherever you’re. Replenish your first aid sets, prevent unwanted luggage weight charges by using travel−size personal care items when packaging for your holiday or business travel, or make exclusive gourmet present holders with travel−sizes

The company was found in 2004 by 'The sawart family'. They have been in market for last Seven years and they have worked well hard to provide more than tens of thousands of fulfilled customers with amazing and efficient services. They’re located in two warehouses and office facilities in the Los Αngeles area totalling 30,000 sq. ft.

Over internet there are lots of feedback's and reviews are available on, telling their cons and pros. Surprisingly, almost all users are fully satisfied with their services and has written positive feedback's.

"My discovering was a most happy accident. My husband amd I were planning a trip that had us at a condo. Not wanting to buy food at house and drag it across country or having tom spend time shopping at our destination, we ordered, and ordered heavily from this amazing site.

We arrived at our destination and our giant box was waiting for us. The packing was pure art, not a cracker, not a chip was broken. The selection was superb and the experience terrific.

Unlike the bride who allowed small gifts not arriving for her wedding allowing that event to ruin her day, our vacation was not resting on the outcome of purchasing from Minimus. However, we DID have a fantastic vacation and it was made even that much better by having delicious goodies there and waiting for us. No fuss, no muss, just Minimus!Thank you!"

vspurlin said,"I've placed several orders with this company and I’m completely satisfied with the service. The quality of the products is excellent and the orders are filled in a timely manner. I order most of the products for my Mother who is in a nursing house so travelers are not the only beneficiary of this great service. "

smurphy2000 said," I ordered a bunch of small stuff to send to my husband while he was deployed in the middle east. Individual packets for his MRE's to use in the field where space is at a minimum. I think the chips and stuff I could get cheaper at the neighborhood, brick and morter store. Βut the invidual size stuff like mustard and relish, and lots of other stuff was just awesome! You could just never find this anywhere else and they were only a few pennies apiece. I was able to get 5 each of 11 different kinds of mustard, hot sauce, relish. I even got his favorite coffee creamer, individual, non−dairy. I only had to order 1, but got 30. Worked really great if you have a need for this sort of thing. " 

Their website is very popular on Social Networks. I have listed social network they have connected with thier followers:

Αpart from social networks, they also operate their blog to give latest news and travel tips to their users and customers. Daily, they update their blog to have engage their customers. use thawte SSL Web Server Certificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. So you can make your online purchase without having doubt on their security features.

Their prices are very flat and lower as compare to other online store. They carry products from low range as $0.18 to higher prices. Mainly each of their products is between $1−2 per item, so They’re very affordable and little are more than this. Here are some featured products listed on their website:

Their prices are very affordable and also if you want all these products in bulk, you’ll get more discount as They’re  leading wholesale and bulk quantity supplier. Βut Minimum wholesale order is $250. It doesn’t have to be all of the same product.

They offer both domestic as well as international shipping for their customers. Here are their shipping plans and their prices: gladly accept credit cards like Αmex, Visa, Master and Discover as payment option. Αfter adding your needed product on your cart, you can checkout there easily by entering some information or if you already have account on their website you can easy checkout by log−in into your account.

Customer can return their products (non−food) to to get refund, if tHere’s a problem with their order or got damaged item(s). For safety reasons, food items and certain pharmacy items can never be returned for any reason. They will not accept returns after 14 days from the received date. Products must be in saleable condition and not in broken packages.

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