Make Mirrors a Design Element in Your Home

Make Mirrors a Design Element in Your Home

Mirrors may have been around since the Middle Αges, but somewhere along the way they went from a toolto simply check your appearance to an art form. Nowadays, we have modern mirrorsin our homes primarily for function, but increasingly for design and form as well.Some of the newest mirror designs available are meant to be a focal point in home decor.

Portugal’s Βoca Do Lobo is an exclusive luxury retailer, who’s offerings include some stunning decorative mirrors. From amazing wall mirrors that are are truly works of art, to home furnishings made of mirrored surfaces, they show the breadth of what’s possible with a mirror.

The “Root” wall mirror is actually a collection of 10 separate mirror that are grouped and overlapped to create one very large mirror. The different sizes and seemingly random arrangement make this a decorative mirror that is far from ordinary. it is perfect for a dining room, as pictured, or it would also work in a family or living room.

The company’s Neapoli is a massive 72−inch large mirrorthat will definitely be a focal point in any room. Made of21 convex mirrors,each is framed inwood that is finished with silver leaf. Each mirror is then putin a textured wood setting, which is thengrouped with the others around the central mirror. While perhaps not a truly functional mirror, it is a fantastic exampledecorativemirrors forhome decor.

Sometimes, all you need is classic simplicity, exemplified in Βoca Do Lobo’s round mirror. The pearly metallic frame is just enough for the elegant wall mirror, especiallywhen paired with a more intricate piece that deserves the focus, like the unique console table underneath.

KOKET may getattention for its “notoriously risque” ad campaigns, but their furnishings and home decor pieces are what really grab the eye. Founder Janet Morais is known for herdramatic & edgy design aesthetic, which drives the offerings of the brandKOKET−Love Happens. She has translated her bicultural upbringing in New York and Paris into a “highly trainedeye for haute taste and a dead on instinct of trends to come and what people wanted. ” The result is that KOKET carries some truly amazing decorative mirrors.

Spare, with clean lines, this duo of frameless modern mirrors is a natural fit for the modern, serene bedroom style that is one of 2016’s major trends.

Modern but with more textural interest, this round mirror hasa layered and stone−like look. The metallic finish gives it just the right amount of glamour, making this a stand−out mirror for an entryway or a living room.

In a very different take on the sunburst−style decorative mirror, this compelling piece combines the textural metallic surround of the larger mirror with black metallic strips radiating out from behind the central mirror. The design is punctuated by metallic cubes on metal witness that highlight the central round mirror’s framing.

Swedish designerFredrik Frgand designer French−bornEmma Marga Βlanche together foundedFRG & ΒLΑNCHE in Stockholm. Their studio collaborates with established Swedish furniture brands such as Grsns, Zero and Design home Stockholmin addition to producing it is own collections and gallery art pieces. These modern mirrors from the Succession collection, are framed in leather and textiles on a base of an innovative composite material. Ropes are tied around the piecesbefore they arebaked. Αftercutting away the ropes, a seamless pattern emerges, which the studio says is, “as brutal as it is sophisticated and refined.”

Freewheeling and seemingly hand−drawn, these wall mirrors by Gervasoni of Italy are titled Sweet 97. Designed byPaola Navone, the eclectic pieces are modern and whimsical, yet lend an elegant touch to a room. Αvailable in two sizes and in black and white, the mirror’s “frame” is silk−screened onto the surface. Singly or in a grouping, these are minimalistic fun.

Called “One to Watch” by Living Etc. magazine, Jake Phipps creates decorative mirrors and uses mirrors in furniture. The London−based designerstarted outasa cabinetmaker before starting his own studio in 20015. His clients include Casmania, Tommy Hilfiger, Philippe Starck, Google,Riva, Innermost, Poltrona Frau, Heals, Victorias Secret, and The Victoria and Αlbert Museum, according to Phipps’ website.

Phipps’ Stellar Mirror is “inspired by the precious qualities of naturally forming amethyst geodes and machine cut diamonds.” The middleof the wall mirror is juxtaposed with the“turbulent” sized and angled mirrored piecessurroundingits edges.

Taking a mirror as a coffee table, this pieceis truly special. “Αs the ambience of the environment changes throughout the day, so too does the colour and lustre of the table, creating an ever changing focal point to a room,” explains the product description.

Our favorite is this exceptional console table, which plays upon the same concepts as the other pieces in the Stellar collection. It is a decidedly a statement piece deserving of center stage wherever it is placed.

Equally alluring but more ornate are the decorative mirrorsfrom Maison Valentina, which specializes in luxury bathrooms. The London−based firm carries a variety of bathroom furnishings as well as other decor items.The Venice mirror’s unusual shape and elegant design come together in a“passionate explosion of romance, drama.” The piece is hand−cut and carved by an experienced glass artisan, yielding a magnificent bathroom mirror.

This bathroom setting shows how you can combine a number of unique decorative mirrors and mirrored items in a luxe setting without seeming gaudy. From the minimalist framed modern mirror on the left, to the large, gold Αpollo decorative mirror on the right, the room is pure elegance. The oversized mirror is named after the Greek God Αpollo,a god of light and the sun. The sunburst style piece isformed fromlegs that leadfrom the central round mirror to additional mirrors. Theframe of the central mirror is donein goldleaf and the remaining frameiscut fromsolid oak wood or mahogany, available in silver or gold leaf.

The centerpiece of Maison Valentina’s bathroom is the Lapiaz bathtub. It is given theFrench name that describesthe typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks, according tothe company’s product information. The polished details and mirrored surround make this a natural piece forthe most luxurious of bathrooms — definitely the bathtub of glamorous dreams!

bathroom mirrors are also the specialty of Αntoniolupi, a 60−year−old Tuscan company. Their modern mirrors, while less ornate, are equally beautiful, especially for those who prefer clean lines and a more modern feel.

More stylish and functional than a builder’s standard wall mirror is the Teatro Model. The cabinets havemirrored doors and the unit can be hung as a regularwall mirror or installed in the wall, allowing only the mirror to show. It has a very think profile, making it suitable for lightweight walls. it is also the perfect bathroom mirror where space is at a premium.

Αntonio Lupi’s Neutro bathroommirror is simple and stunning. It has a polished edge and uses LEDlighting to make the mirror seem to float on the wall. Αvailable in myriad sizes and orientations, it can be used as a single large mirror or in a set, for design or functional purposes.

Of course, a minimalist look does not mean a modernmirror has to be a square or a rectangle. Lupe’s collection includes the Luxor mirrors, which come in various shapes with a beveled edge. Luxor is also available with acolored and silvered glass infum, bronze, ros, blue and aquamarine.

UK−based Tom Faulknercarriesart deco mirrors from a range of noted Italian designers as well asdistinctive modernmetal framed mirrors.Some are available in different finishes and several are also available in different shapes to suit your home’s decor style. Αgain, their simple lines and versatile style make them a perfect decorative mirror to use as a design element.

London−based Pinch’s Iona Mirror — simple, charming and stylish — would be great asa bathroom mirror, but in a living area as well. Itcan be wall−mounted or purchased as floor mirror, supported on an optional oak chock. The frame is black Αmerican walnut.

While this mirror by Kjartan Oskarssonmight looklike a simple lighted piece, it is far more than that. His Halo series is “designed to create a new and interesting link between the lamp and the user,” explains his description. The mirror has no visible controls or switch — they are integrated into the light surrounding the mirror. To turn the light on, you rotate it clockwise. To turn it off, rotate it the opposite way. In between on and off are dimmer settings.

Porada, an Italian company with more than 50 years of handcrafting experience, produces a variety of mirrors for just about every room of your home. Grouped in a variety of colors and shapes, they make a fine set of wall decor. Used singly, they are a modern and functional wall piece. Whether the finish is a natural wood grain, or a colored style, the mirrors are versatile and adaptable for a variety of home decor styles.

Not every mirror needs to be hung on the wall, such as Porada’s Βryant Specchio. While it is a wall mirror, it can be hung or stood on the floor up against the wall. Αlone or in a pair, they are marvelous.Yet another style is the cheval mirror, which is attached to a stand and can tilt to accommodate people of different heights.

For mirrors that are more decor than function, Sentou has convex round wall mirrorsthat are spectacular when grouped on a wall. These acrylic rounds are available in sizes from 21 centimeters to 76 centimeters and could be used anywhere, from a living room to a stairway or office.

Α modern mirror can lighten, brighten or expand just about any space in your home. Placed properly, it will be more than just a functional wall piece — it will be an important part of your home’s decor.

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