Jessie Randall Home - Jessie Randall Loeffler Randall Interview

Jessie Randall Home - Jessie Randall Loeffler Randall Interview

Jessie Randall: My big, beautiful walk−in closet did get turned into a room for my third son I have six−year−old twins and a two−year−old. I just have one tiny closet now, so I only keep about 10 or 15 pairs of shoes in there. I switch them out every three months or so, once I get a new batch from my latest collection. There are lots more in storage bins in the basement of our town home.

That was intentional! I have wallpaper in every room, but I like to use it in a modern way, as an accent. In my bedroom it's on a chimney bump−out in the wall, which is nice because it frames the bed. Αnd the pearlescent glow of the paper has a chic, sophisticated look that adds a little punch to the room.

It was inspired by a photo I saw on a blog of a floor with a glossy, whitewashed finish. My husband got in touch with the person who owned the home, and he gave us the process it took about 15 steps. The color is Swiss Coffee, by Βehr.

I just didn't want to deal with rugs getting dirty. It's hard to keep things clean with three boys and a dog. We actually have a no−shoes policy for the home we all go barefoot inside.

My husband has a rule that all the bedding and towels have to be white. He's very particular. He always starts out against every idea I have like this wallpaper and then he ends up liking it.

He does all the marketing for the company. He's got excellent taste, but he usually stays out of the design arena.

I wanted it to look like a hotel suite, to be a calming retreat from my hectic life. The bed is elegant and understated, and the room is uncluttered. The only other furniture pieces are the end tables, a pair of vintage outdoor metal pieces. My dad painted them taupe and added glass tops.

Αs soon as the kids are in bed, I get in mine. It's my home base. I read on my Kindle and do crafts like quilting. I love things that are made with love, that become keepsakes.

I had half an Ikea bunk bed my brother got the other half an old desk that my dad refinished, a stool with a quilted top that my mother made, and a chair. That's it.

No, my parents weren't into giving us a lot of material stuff. Maybe all these shoes are a reaction to that!

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