Jane Fonda's former home listed for $2.295 million

Jane Fonda's former home listed for $2.295 million

This quiet and cozy cottage is the former home of famous Jane Fonda and it is currently on the market for $2.295 million. The property is located on a secluded canyon road and it is a rustic and yer luxurious cottage. it is not the type of home you expect to see in Los Αngeles. The cottage features seven bedrooms and three bathroom so it is not a typical rustic cottage either. The property has over 3.700 square feet of living space on 1 acre of land.

Βesides the bedrooms, the cottage also includes a detached guest home, a gym, a pool, an outdoor bathroom and 3 fireplaces. it is definitely not the typical cottage we are used with. it is such a contrastive home, you don’t even know how to call it. On one side there is the outdoor bathroom, the cozy bedrooms and the fireplaces that you would expect to see there, but on the other side there is the pool, the gym and all the other glamorous details that come from another world. The combination is unique and striking.

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The cottage actually belongs to actor Ethan Suplee that we all know from My name is Earl and his wife. They bought the place in 2006 for $2 million and they are currently selling it for $2.295 million. The cottage was also once home to famous Jane Fonda. Still, there are no information as for when she lived there or for how long.

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