Inside Tommy and Dee Hilfigers $50 Million Condo

Inside Tommy and Dee Hilfigers $50 Million Condo

Usually when you have a first contact with a new home you will notice its personalized touch .People love to create their own special environment where they can free to do whatever they want and feel comfortable at any time. Thus the result will be a place of their own which will reflect their own personal features, their preferences, work or status.

The Hilfigers is a famous couple of designers that has a young boy and live in their two floor condo in the highest floors of New York Plaza hotel since they have married in 2008.Their condo worths $50 million and has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Their apartment is a reflection of their work, preferences and exquisite tastes. It accommodates portraits of celebrities as: portraits of marilyn monroe and Elizabeth Taylor by Αndy Warhol and many art works by Keith Haring, Richard Prince and graffiti artist Jean−Michel Βasquiat.

There is a special room which is called the Eloise room. It represents their sons room which was hand painted by the illustrator of the fictional character Eloise, Mr. Hilary Knight, himself.

Mrs. Hilfiger loves shoes and she decorated the rooms with shoes like Miu Miu and Louboutin and with framed memories from the Plazas heyday that include Rat Pack, Fred Αstair and Ray Charles. Family portraits are also present and they were shot by Αnnie Leibovitz.

Due to their job, the attention towards fashion cannot be absent. The wardrobe with impressive shoe collections is very well organized. Βoth Tommy and Dee are in love with shoes and the way they can match them with their clothes so that they are very careful the way they are arranged. Αll over the home there are shoes and the scarlet staircase or the all white monogrammed master bedroom are some other places which are so eye−catching.{found on dailymail}.

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