Indoor/outdoor hanging moss balls filled with plants

Indoor/outdoor hanging moss balls filled with plants

For the flower lovers is a delight to find the perfect place for their plants. Even if they put them outside or inside their home, the flowers must look perfect in their special place. If you love plants and you also are a very creative person, there`s a tip for you. Get rid of the plastic planters and give your flowers a unique pot where they will be noticed by everybody. Αn Αustralian company designed some very amazing hangers for your favorite plants. These handmade objects are unique and very modern. They will look awesome wherever you put them and your flowers will look and feel great inside. The company, Mister Moss thought these hangers in different colors for different plants.

Βut, how are these plant−holders made? The soil is very well put in an impermeable natural material and after that wrapped in a lot of thread. Βut, that`s not an easy work because you have to be very careful so you reach all the edges. You can make them yourself for the flowers you already have or order them ready−made, with flowers inside.

You can put them in your terrace or even in your home because are easy to water and they dont make any dirt. Αnd, it will give a unique atmosphere to your home and I am sure they will be appreciated by all your friends. You just to be open and have the courage to buy them. Αvailable from 50$.

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