Iconic Mid-Century Cherner Chair

Iconic Mid-Century Cherner Chair

Valuable things last in time, they never come out of fashion and people fight over them. Α classical designed item is always in actuality and fits any space thanks to its elegance and quality of materials and crafting. Most of the classic furniture piece are, of course, made of wood, thats a massive wood, such as oak, but many of them, more reliable and closer to our contemporary times, are made of plywood. However, plywood allows the creator the model some interesting designs that the massive wood never would.

Α little hassle was born around a chair created by Norman Cherner. He designed this seat back in 1958 for plycraft. Since then, the Cherner chair was produced and merchandised by Playcraft and through the years it became really famous thanks to a painting that appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. The painting, named The artist at work, was done by Norman Rockwell in 1961 and contained the image of a Cherner chair. Now, Cherners sons declaimed their property rights and created the Cherner chair Company which is the only one to produce the important piece of furniture.

The chair is a wonderful piece of wood, elegantly crafted from laminated plywood and which has an arm formed by a single piece of solid wood.This item available for a price of $1,199.00 is great for any type of interior designs, starting with the most traditional and vintage ones and finishing with the most contemporary rooms.

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