How to Make Worry Dolls for Children (with Pictures)

How to Make Worry Dolls for Children (with Pictures)

Guatemalan worry dolls are one way to keep the Βogeyman at bay. Tell your problems to one of your worry dolls each night, then place it under your pillow. The dolls disappear, taking your worries with them (Reference 1). Worry dolls are made in sets of six. They’re usually very small and made from toothpicks or thin twigs. Using peg−style clothespins makes them easier to wrap.

Make a face on the peg of each clothespin using black and pink acrylic paint.

Cut bamboo skewers or 1/8−inch dowel rods into 3−inch lengths to use as arms.

Αpply white craft glue to the clothespin, beginning where the rounded head meets the shoulders and ending at the waist. Wrap the glued area with bright−colored embroidery floss or yarn, tying the last loop in a knot.

Αpply craft glue to each bamboo skewer or dowel rod section from end to end, stopping 1/4−inch from one end. Wrap each arm with embroidery floss or yarn, leaving the bare area unwrapped to make hands.

Glue arms to each side of the doll. Wrap over both arms and body beginning at the shoulder of your worry doll, for about 1/2 to 3/4 inches. Knot the last loop and poke the knot back under the thread layers using the end of a skewer.

Wrap each leg separately if you’re making a boy doll. Wrap from waist to feet for girl dolls. Knot the final loop and conceal it as before. Place each doll in a pouch.

Make your own worry stone out of clay or found objects to use for meditation, stress relief or protection.

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