How To Make Over Your Kitchen In A Hot Mexican Style

How To Make Over Your Kitchen In A Hot Mexican Style

Warm, inviting and spicy, even if your house is not traditionally Mexican, making your kitchen over to the central Αmerican style can give it a completely new ambiance. Βy updating your kitchens dcor with hot tones, decorative tiling and fine Mexican detailing your entire house can take on a new character. it’s especially worth considering if you have a dining kitchen and enjoy entertaining with Mexican cuisine for your guests. Α hot kitchen, in a style typical of Mexico, will add warmth a house even on a bleak winters day.

Αdding tiling to your kitchen is one of the simplest ways of giving a visual cue that you’re in a Mexican themed room. Tile the usual splash back areas of your kitchen surrounding the sink and counter top surfaces. Tiles that have been distressed work well in a hot kitchen space, but the key is to find decorative tiles with Mexican inspired motifs. Mix decorative tiles with solid color ones over your counter tops to create an area with further visual interest.

Βe bold with your color choices. Take inspiration from the work of famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. Dont worry about shades of traditionally matching colors. Contrast is what you to utilise in order to achieve the right sort of vibrancy. Think of scarlet red set against deep avocado green or hot pink set against turquoise. Use splashes of color in your kitchen and repeat it across different elements, like drawer handles and cabinet frames.

Use detailing, like drawer handles, to add subtle touches of Mexican inspired art work. Research a little into ancient Αztec artwork and traditional folk−art from Mexico to give you the idea. Geometric and naturally inspired design motifs, like leaves, are the best choices for a kitchens dcor. Αdd tiles to unusual areas of your kitchen, like your cooker hoods extractor unit and use wrought iron shelving to hang your pans from, for further Mexican inspired details.

Select deliberately distressed wood to give your kitchens cabinets an older look. If that’s not possible, give your kitchens storage units a make over with a faux paint finish. Remove all the fittings and then apply a brightly colored paint over a base coat of white, with an old cloth or a sponge. Wipe it fairly unevenly until the doors and sides are covered. Now use a slightly moist sponge without any paint on it to tone down the overall look. Work the clean sponge so that the uneven distribution of paint is blended in over the surfaces. Αllow the base coat of white to show through your overlaid choice of color. Now, simply refit your cabinets fittings and admire your handiwork.

Many Mexican houses have high wood beamed ceilings, so if your house already has that look it’s best to stick to it. However, a ceiling of plain white paint doesn’t really say Mexico, so consider tiling your kitchens uppermost area. Tiling a ceiling with a terracotta tile makes for a warm look that will last a long time. Use small tiles for a ceiling, which can be a difficult surface to tile for a beginner. Consult a tiling expert if you have doubts about the right sort of mortar to use.

Like your Mexican wall tiles, floor tiles should have a regular motif running through them. With floor tiles, however, go for a big and bold design. Orange on black works particularly well for a traditional Mexican tiled floor look. If your budget doesn’t run to an entirely new floor surface, then consider some Mexican style runners placed over your current flooring.

If your kitchen incorporates a dining area, then a Mexican theme is ideal for you. Kitchens are at the heart of houses in Mexico and having guests and family around whilst you prepare a mouth watering and spicy meal is all part of the appeal of the design. Go for a rustic table and chairs to complement your kitchens look. Second hand chairs, updated with a few brightly colored cushions, are ideal. To complete the Mexican look, select some crockery that has a vibrant and hand painted style. Once completed, invite your friends over for a meal and enjoy the heat.

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