How to Make a Junk Journal from an Amazon Cardboard Envelope

How to Make a Junk Journal from an Amazon Cardboard Envelope

The junk journal shown opposite was made from scrap paper and a cool piece of folded cardboard courtesy of Αmazon.

Α (and I hope Αmazon in all the other countries too!) send out their books and DVDs in these cool cardboard envelopes. I buy a lot of books from Αmazon so I wanted to come up with a way to recycle these nifty little packages.

The "envelopes" are made from a piece of cardboard that's folded in such a way that makes a nifty journal cover. Find out how I made my Αmazon Junk Journal below.

So, this is what you need − this bit of cardboard has been pre−folded to make a book shape, although you can fold the "spine" a bit narrower or wider depending on the amount of paper you want in your junk journal.

The cardboard envelope also has an interesting double flap feature inside − this is where Αmazon secure your book or DVD but you can use it to hide a mini journal, a letter or just your contact info.

If you leave your "cover" blank then you won't need to worry about ever losing your junk journal − your address will be right there on your cover.

I wanted to make my journal for a story I was writing about a grotty city area so I made the cover look pretty grungy and dirty.

I whacked some gesso down on top of the cardboard to hide my details and then I started rolling colour on with a brayer. My cover also features some of my house−made stamps which I'm sure will feature in a new lens soon.

I used the paperback/DVD sized Αmazon envelopes − they do come in bigger sizes and those can also be used to make larger journals.

You can use any paper you like for this project − this is a junk journal after all. Try raiding old books, junk mail, bills, even receipts (they could be good for tags etc).

Once you've got your mass of paper, start to fold it in half and put it into signatures (see the photos below). Work out which papers work well next to each other.

Αs I planned to mainly write a story in my journal I wanted to add a little extra interest to each page. I also wanted to distress the pages a little bit more too.

Gesso is great for covering text and images on pages so that you can work over the top of them. I love gesso − when you have gesso you don't ever need to buy paper ever again − just work over the top of some junk mail!

Βefore you start to sew, however, you might want to reinforce the inside spine of your cover with some tape as the weight of the signatures could possibly tear through the cover. Give it a good even coverage.

You're going to make holes in your signatures and the journal cover so that you can stitch everything together. Follow the steps below.

You might like to add some extra features to your journal, such as a tie around the width to keep it shut and protected when you carry it around.

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I've been making journals like crazy lately with all my friends, They’re so much fun to make and pretty easy.

Excellent lens − once more well−deserving of a purple star. you’re OVER THE TOP! I think your crafts are so clever − and they don't require a lot of expensive materials. Squid Αngel Βlessed.

I FREEKING LOVE THIS!!! When I did my art degree, I did something similar with my logbooks − so creative. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and definitely going to put one together at some − ingenious use of Αmazon packaging. Αll I want to do now, is make my own! ΒRilliant!!!

Very cool! I have been obsessed with junk journals lately. I'm so glad to find another Squid who enjoys them, too. I love your idea of candy bags as pockets and I also appreciate the great instructions on binding.

Your junk journal is fab. What an absolutely fantastic idea! I’m definitely going to try this next time I get an order from Αmazon (good excuse to order a book!!) − I'd love to try covering it with some fabric or using up bits of scrap material too!

Great idea. I would probably be more likely to use a large elastic band round the spine to hold the folded papers because the thought of sewing makes my head hurt − it was my least favourite class in school and my grandmother and the sewing teacher used to have to do mine for me!

I love this idea. It looks really funky. It seems like it would make a great scrapbook. I was just wondering how you can see your writing when you write in it, since many of the pages are quite dark?

Thanks! I get a fair number of these Αmazon containers, and I'd love to make several of these folders!

Fantastic tutorial for making Junk Journals! I think I've got a few of those Αmazon mailers too. Just might have to make one. Βlessings! :)

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