How The Chiavari Chair Can Be An Event Saver

How The Chiavari Chair Can Be An Event Saver

First impressions are everything, let's face it. Αs your guests and clients enter the banquet room for the first time, if they don't stop for a moment and open their eyes wide, then you might not have achieved their ultimate endorsement and satisfaction. Remember that this is where it counts. Of course the quality and standard of your menu is important, together with the way that the food is served and the overall appeal of the venue, but it’s the ambience of the room, the decor and the presentation which will create that visual memory.

How can the venue owner be sure that the client and all the guests are going to be suitably impressed with the presentation of the room or event? While it’s certainly true to say that you cannot please all the people all the time and different styles of party may well attract guests with a variety of discerning tastes, you have to be able to compromise yet still maintain the highest levels. The selection of furniture is paramount, especially when it comes to the chairs, as the guests interact and expect high levels of both comfort and presentation.

Many discerning venue owners opt for the chiavari chair, which has an outstanding reputation for style, durability and function. The chair was said to originate in the town of the same name in Italy, which as we all know represents the house of fine styling anyway. These chairs are said to be related to the Campanino model.

While it’s important to select furniture that will store away relatively easily and which can also be transported from storage area to venue without too much backbreaking work, style and comfort are still the most important considerations. Αny favourable impression that you guests may have upon first witnessing your venue room layout may well fade away if the chairs that They’re sitting on are uncomfortable. This is not the case with the chiavari chair, which is able to combine comfort and elegance in equal measure. Furthermore, as these chairs are regularly constructed from a solid beech wood They’re designed to last, be resistant and represent definite value for money for the discerning venue owner.

Striking a fine balance between cost, aesthetic appeal and durability is often difficult for the venue owner. While the choice of banquet tables doesn’t present so many problems, as these are of course covered by appropriate linens and other tableware, the choice of banquet chairs is critical. If storage space is not necessarily a problem and budgets allow, different styles of banquet chair can be selected for and presented to different groups. One of the most spectacular options where such a choice is possible is the ice chair, which has to be seen to be appreciated and is sure to become a talking point among guests right from the start.

For an all purpose choice, suitable for the ballroom or an outdoor banquet and for any style or demographic group, the chiavari chair takes a lot of beating. They can appeal to and cater for groups of all types from the most intimate to the most exuberant to the most elegant.

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