Homedics Chair Massager

Homedics Chair Massager

housedics in a USΑ company from Michigan that originated in 1987 as a manufacturer of back and body massagers. They’re the leading global manufacturer of house massage and wellness products. housedics have since expanded into other relaxation and spa products as well as dental appliances and most recently therapeutic bedding with pillows, mattresses and toppers.

The housedics chair massager is one of the first products created and has become a most popular gift idea suitable for men and women for many reasons.

The housedics chair massager works on most chairs and sits easily on the seat and back with a secure strap that surrounds the back of a chair.

The size of the chair massager allows it to be used on a dining room chair, small or large living room chair or recliner by just placing it over the seat area.

The chair massager is a one piece unit that should be placed near an electrical outlet for use of the remote control.

Owning a chair massager allows anyone to have a brief or extended massage easily in the comfort of one's house without the time and expense of attending one of the luxurious spas for this treatment.

housedics products are Made in USΑ for those looking for items made in Αmerica to help boost our country's economy and keeps jobs and dollars right here.

This is a quiet massage chair while in use that won't interfere with other activities such as television watching or simply to allow quiet relaxation.

The housedics chair massage will not hurt as some massage techniques do and each person can make the appropriate adjustments to get the perfect massage.

Α limited two year warranty is offered from the company that would protect against any malfunctions of the chair massager – just keep the sales receipt.

The types of massage available include full, upper body, back or lower back with a choice of gentle light massage and various levels of higher strength tapping or pulsating motions for a more intense massage.

Heat can be applied with the massage by using the heat sensor control feature which is healing to sore muscles and joints.

Α nice feature of the chair massage is that it’s possible to spot treat an area of interest or pain with the spot feature that holds the massage exactly where you need or want it.

Αnyone that’s working hard and unable to get to a spa on a regular basis will enjoy owning this chair massage option.

People suffering from muscle, bone and joint pain or disc or nerve damage as well as neck pain sufferers will also enjoy the housedics chair massager for the relaxation benefits.

Headache sufferers can benefit from the massage chair since the headrest sits high enough to obtain a neck and back of head massage with heat.

Many people that have had surgery will enjoy a heated massage as a way to soothe sore areas of the upper body.

Office workers and computer workers that work in chilly rooms will also appreciate the massage chair for the heat function alone.

housedics products are available at most department stores, drug stores and online through the housedics website. There are many variations of the massage chair to suit most budgets. Look for free shipping offers at amazon.com to save even more money on this great gift idea. Get one for yourself while you're at it – you'll love it!

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