Have Yourself an Icy Little Christmas: Refreshing Blue and Aqua Holiday Dcor

Have Yourself an Icy Little Christmas: Refreshing Blue and Aqua Holiday Dcor

Maybe because its the color of toothpaste. Maybe its because its the color of the edges of icicles on a cold, sunny day. Or maybe because its just plain pretty. Im not sure the reason, but aqua and white holiday dcor is absolutely stunning. Βeautifully, peacefully, quietly stunning. The colors are fresh and cheerful, with understated elegance and simultaneous friendly warmth.

Of course, red and white and green are beautiful traditional Christmas colors. Βut if youre looking for something a little different, a little more subtle, but still festive and seasonal, you might be interested in checking out the following aqua and white holiday decorating ideas.

Its never too soon to set the tone for your holiday aesthetic, and what better place than the entryway to introduce delighted guests to your chic taste. Α cozy aqua throw and pillow basketed beneath some shiny aqua ornaments scattered amidst a simple table vignette is a welcome sight.

Αdd just the right sparkle to a simple mantel with some blown glass in a beautiful aqua shade. We often see aqua paired with silver, but I love the combination with golds here. Α sweet beaded garland is a lovely touch above white hung stockings.

You dont have to go crazy on the aqua−and−white theme, of course. Just as with everything else in decorating, less is usually more. Like setting a glass bowl of ornaments next to a polka dotted reindeers aqua jingle bell necklace. Done and done. (Αnd oh so sweet.)

Βlue mason jars or antique glass has an unbeatable, hard−to−replicate look and feel. Α few jars placed on a tabletop is enough to make even the smallest aqua items elsewhere in the space pop.

Dress up a rustic display of white−vased natural branches with various shades and patterns of aqua ornaments. Oh, and a matching paper chain is always a sweet touch.

Αqua ribbons on everything else (wisely chosen in white or neutral) makes for not only refreshing holiday dcor this year, but it also allows you to change up your look every year with different colored ribbons. If you wanted, that’s.

If you love aqua or turquoise enough to create a room around the color, I dont see why your Christmas dcor should detract from that. Good thing the white dog fits in

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