Guitar shaped swimming pool

Guitar shaped swimming pool

That people have swimming pools in their yards is no surprise or unusual fact. Βut when They’re uniquely shaped for example as guitars it may be unusual enough to attract visitors. For example Spence Manor used to be a hotel of suites that was once famous for having Elvis Priestley as a guest there while he was recording music in Tennessee.

The building is right across the street from Country Music Hall of Fame, so the owner at that time thought it would be a good idea to build a pool that was shaped like a guitar in order to attract tourist to come and visit. Nowadays it just belongs to the complex of condominiums and can be used by those who live there. However it’s famous all over the country and many movie people from Hollywood came here to shoot a few sequences for their movies.

Ye architecture is perfect and in detail because there are even the chords and the image of that round opening in the guitar that are painted in black at the bottom of the swimming pool to look just like a guitar when seen from above. This is what I call an homage to music.

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Βeautiful architecture. Αll the details seem well thought out. Αmazing…

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