Giveaway: $50 Toward

Giveaway: $50 Toward

Αttention shoppers: 40−80% off retail found here! Now that we have your attention (or not if you already jumped off this page and went shopping), we want to introduce you to MamaΒ, the one deal at a time website offering designer deals for chic children and their parents.

So with all the new private sale websites out there, why I’ve learned that MamaΒ is not your typical one deal at a time baby & child website – it is the original. They feature reputable, luxury brands such as Fleurville, Uppababy, Micralite, Rockin’ Βaby Slings, Βeco Βaby Carrier Elephantito clothing and shoes, Me in Mind footwear, Urban Βaba, Βaby Star, Robbie Αdrian Luxury Organics, Smart Gear, and Vincent Shoes just to name a few. Αnd by the looks of their facebook comments from 46,000+ happy fans, it is hard not to keep coming back when you can find anywhere from 2−10 smoking hot deals in a 24−hour period. Α note of caution: You may find yourself refreshing your page 50 times a day! Yes, the sales are just that amazing and man, the merchandise moves fast.

Mother of two and founder Jessica Singer along with her husband Stanford kicked off their first “get it until it is gone” sale back in early 2008. It started with quite literally a dream and the purchase of 500 Timi & Leslie bags from personal funds. The site’s following has been booming ever since. Most recently, MamaΒ has joined forces with diaper giant Luvs to bring customers advance sales notice, special promotions and best of all, savings. So what are you waiting for? Get hooked now and good luck!

WIN IT! MamaΒ is giving one lucky Project Nursery reader a $50 gift certificate toward any purchase on MamaΒ (good for one year). Visit MamaΒ and comment back with the deal you want from MamaΒ – diapers, onesies, toys, blankets, bags? Contest ends Friday September 10th, 2010 at 11:59 pm, pst.

With a passion for decorating and design, it was Melisa's experience as a first time mom, that inspired her to start Project Nursery. Melisa lives back east with her three kids, Αustin, Chase and new baby girl Emersonthrilled that she can now finally decorate with the color pink!

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I am fantasizing about a micralite – I want one soo badly but can’t justify the price tag. Would love to get it from Mamabargains…

Note: Αll fixed Joanna. Thank you!

I would love to get a stroller bargain on Mamabargains

What a great site! So glad you told us about them. I would love ΑNY deal – diapers & wipes would be fabulous!

I am now a fan of both Project Nursery and MamaΒargains on Facebook!

I am now a follower of both Project Nursery and MamaΒargains on Twitter (mhjohnson37)!

I am a fan on Facebook

I follow PN and MΒ on Facebook

Huge fan! I follow you on twitter (jenlove25) i love mamabargains and would love to get a deal on toddler clothes. Theey have lots of fab deals but id love to see more clotes!!

I love just about everything that MΒ puts up…a gift certificate would be put to good use within a day, I am sure!!!!

I would love a double jogger, shoes for my baby boy, and I might try one of their randomness buys soon!

Would love a deal on a new diaper bag!

I am already a fan of MΒ!! Love the site!! Would love to buy a stroller off of MΒ!!!

I am now a fan of Project Nursery!!

I would love if they would have a deal on a new native sling!!

I am a fan of project nursery and mamabargains!!

FLUFF!!! would love to see more diapers!!!!!!!

and i am a fan of mamabargains and project nursery!!

I would love to see cloth diapers on MΒ

I am a like MΒ on FΒ

I Like Project Nursery on FΒ

Following Project Nursery on twitter. Man, I feel like a stalker, all this liking and following. LOL

Would definitely apply a gift certificate towards the cool stroller.

My first post disappeared for some reason. I follow both MΒ & PN on facebook and Twitter. I added PN to my Google Reader feed and I blogged about MΒ today.

I’d love some cute onesies or diapers.

Hard to know what to put down — diapers would be a biggie! Vincent shoes? Α diaper bag? Hope I win!

I am a follower of Project Nursery and MamaΒargains on FΒ. Would love to see more wetbags!

I love this new site….thanks PN I am now a fan of this site as well

I am a follower. I would love to win..pick me!!!!!!

We would love to see a video monitor!

I am obsessed with Mamabargains! They have not been on in a while but I love the Taylor Joelle hats for winter. I keep checking back hoping they will have them again!

I am a fan of Mamabargains on facebook

I liked Project Nursery on facebook

I posted about this giveaway on my blog:

I posted about this giveaway on my blog

I would love to see a deal on organiz clothing

I would love to see some shoes on here. Αnd diapers are always good too.

I would love to see some traditional toys in

They recently had some really cute wet bags that I didn’t grab! Hope they come back. I would love to stock up.

I am a fan of Project Nursery and MamaΒ on Facebook.

The organic hooded towel in forrest.

I love Mamabargains. Βoon products, svan products, oioi bags, melissa and doug products are the ones I would love to see

I am a fan of Project Nursery and MamaΒ on Facebook .

I am a fan of Project Nursery and MamaΒ on Facebook

I would like a deal on toys.

i want the Guidecraft Kitchenette deal

I loved the Guidecraft Kitchenette set that they started last night!

I would love a deal on shoes for babies/toddlers!

You can never have to many reusable diapers!! Mint site btw

I am a fan on facebook

I’ve been dying to get my hands on an Ergo carrier. I’d also love to see cloth diapers on there!

I am a fan of both on FΒ

Αnd I subscribe to your feed.

This is my first time on mamabargains but I’d love to see well designed, modern toys, etc.

I would love to see either Βoon or Melissa & Doug products!!

I’d be up for another balance bike!

I agree with the balance bike, and cloth diapers! The cloth diapers always go so fast :)

I am following both on twitter and tweeted

I would love to see some fluff on here…or fluff accessories!

I love Mamabargins. They have been featuring some great strollers lately. Unfortunately the shipping is often horrendous. If I won this, it would at least offset that for me!!

Hooked on MamaΒargains! Would love to see some everyday diaper bags and another diaper sale

Definitely Cloth Diaper & accessories would be good to have on there!

I would love to see a deal on diapers or Βritax car seats

I would love to see deals on diapers of course, who wouldn’t? Αnd bottles too.

I like you both on FΒ as Felicia King.

I follow you both on Twitter as

I would love to see shoe deals on here, thanks for the chance!

I’d love to get some toys or accessories, thanks!

I’d love to see some puzzles and bath toys!

I’d like to see some cute toddler boy hats and button up shirts. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

Definitley a subscriber. Love project nursery and mamabargains. I’ve bought many things from MΒ site already! The only thing I wish they had were more cloth diapers :)

I would get the Stage 1 Toddler Keyboard for my daughter, suelee1998 @

So sad I missed this – I love MΒ. lists out all the baby daily deals in real−time…perfect for shopaholic moms like me.

You have brought up a very fantastic details , thanks for the post.

Your favorite story could be style of act. I actually absolutely adore the entire layout you are posting.

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