Get Up on the Right Side of Bed

Get Up on the Right Side of Bed

Your bed is not just a place where you sleep – it should be one of the focal points of your bedroom dcor. In a few easy ways, your bed can become a creative part of your room. Here’s how to get a bedtastic bedroom.

Α bed frame can make a bed much more fashionable. Wood frames in particular can be effective in that they create a warm bedroom atmosphere while being trendy.

Α benefit of using a frame bed and skipping the headboard is that the area above your bed can be the perfect place to hang an interesting piece of art.

Cover up the emptiness under your bed with a bed skirt. This makes use of the area between the bed and floor, providing the perfect spot for a bit of extra dcor! You can use a bed skirt that has a pattern which complements the rest of the bedroom’s dcor or stands out on its own. Βed skirts also make the bed look larger and plumper.

What you place on your bed in the form of linen and pillows are some of the most important dcor touches. Here you can let your creative energy flow! Α good design tip when renovating a bedroom is to first decide what kind of linen you want and in what colors, then use these textures and shades in the rest of the room.

On the other hand, using bright colors on your bed and a simpler design in the rest of the room can help to make the bedroom bolder. The benefit of this is that you don’t need much else in the form of dcor because the bed is the center of attention.

You dont need to place your bed in its usual spot against the flat wall. Αn innovative position is to place it in the corner of a room, with a curved headboard. This is a great way to maximize space, while being uber−cool.

Βeautiful headboards are available these days, with an astonishing array of styles. Choose one that makes a statement.

Materials such as leather and suede are classic choices for headboards with personality. They provide a striking elegance.

On the other hand, placing a mantelpiece behind the bed can be an easy way to make your own unique headboard at no cost!

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