Fresh Modern Single Bedroom Flat

Fresh Modern Single Bedroom Flat

If a large apartment is too big and a small one too small for you.This is the perfect mix.Designed for a small number of inhabitants this place represint the perfect place for a dynamic person allways in touch with the reality.Starting with the kitchen this modern house provides just the right amount of space and utility.Plain white cabinets surrounds the kitchen and modern appliances complements a space destined to the specific activity of cooking.gray tiles on the floor keep the place smooth and clean.

The living room offers bright colors and modern art on the walls.Βookselving and a desk provide a great area for working uninterrupted .Shiny wooden floors add warmth to the space and natural and artificial lighting flows freely on big white walls.Α big window allmost from wall to wall from the living room offers you a great view over the green areas around.Green areas which also can be seen from the balcony just outside the living room.

This place has a big bedroom also ,with wooden floors an white and gray shades on the walls .Furnished simply with enough storage space a bed and two chairs.Plants can be found in the bedroombut also in the living room making so the conection with the surrounding vegetation.I like it very much to be’s simple, with modern materials and furniture, art objects, bright colours and paradoxically overall this is a big stylish opend space which can really keep up with you and of course in my opinion: perfectly liveble!{found on skbolig}

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