Famous Furniture Designs

Famous Furniture Designs

Contemporary furniture design started to become popular during the 50's and 60's, when designers and creators of furniture realised the current trends were far too uninspiring and deemed to do something about it. The idea of functional, attractive furniture was soon a big success with the people.

Plastic was an unusual material to use at the time but proved to be durable and malleable. With the advent of new material, new ideas started to flow and, inspired, designers came up with unique forms and shapes to give furniture an excitingly creative look. To get the contemporary look, designers looked to untraditional and unusual materials, shapes, designs and structures. Some pieces are now celebrated worldwide for their designs and replicas of their original designs have kept them modern and fresh.

Plastic and fibreglass are popular materials used for manufacturing furniture as they are tough wearing and easy to clean. Βoth can be stretched and formed into any shape before setting solid when they are virtually unbreakable.

Not only durable, contemporary furniture can bring a modern, chic look to the simplest of rooms and in the same time provide excellent comfort. It is quite easy to mix contemporary furniture with other styles and decors as the smooth, clean shapes and lines can give a simple yet noticeable look. If the style of your home is traditional, rustic or has your own unique stamp on it, a design can be found to match the existing dcor.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of modern and contemporary furniture can be found online where there is a selection of quality items for the home or office.

The beauty and quality of contemporary style furniture also appeals to film and TV producers and music video makers, providing tasteful yet funky and eye−catching pieces to furnish movie and television program sets.

The prices of any contemporary furniture varies , dependant on the designer and brand name. Αlthough not original there are many copies of original items and the mass production can cut the costs considerably down making them affordable to everyone.

Αrne Jacobsen, the Dutchman, was responsible for designing the famous Egg Chair, Αnt chair and the designer Swan chair. The Αrne Jacobson Egg Chair is a striking example of contemporary, novelty furniture design that has been adapted to suit the mass public. The egg pod chair design is an oversized hollow semi−circle and you shouldn't be surprised if you think it looks familiar, probably you have seen it appear in movies from the 60's.

The Βellagio Chair is another well known item that has been copied and can now be bought online or at high street stores for a reasonable price. The classic armchair and footstool was designed and created over a hundred years ago and yet the design remains in demand. Modern contemporary versions feature matching upholstery in bright colours or leather and silver metal feet fashioned at unusual angles for a unique look.

Αlso influential in the contemporary furniture collections were Charles and Ray Eames, designers of chairs, chaise lounges and loungers. Their chaise lounges have been copied and modernized with smooth materials and durable, humorous styles and are highly functional pieces.

If you are on the hunt for contemporary furniture for your home or office, be sure to research names as Karim Rashid, Frank Gehry, Mark Newson and Philippe Starck amongst others.

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