Fab Color Combo: Navy and White

Fab Color Combo: Navy and White

I cant think of a more classic color combination than navy blue and white. Its so sleek and stylish that you really cant go wrong whether you wear it in fashion or decorate your house with these colors. Many people might be afraid of navy as a wall color, but the inspiration pictures below will show that a color as bold as navy can truly impact a rooms overall appeal whether you paint the whole room navy or just grab a few simple accessories to add to the room.

There are also many themes that can be adapted with these colors from a sailor/sea theme to a country pride theme. There are also numerous accent colors that go well with this combination such as orange, coral, and red.

To get more great ideas on using navy and white, see the photos below.

This gorgeous house seen on Vivid Hue house features an incredibly bold and dark navy wall color that helps make the sleek white curtains pop off the wall. The room can get away with such a saturated wall color because of the high ceilings and numerous windows that let natural light in. Αlso, the rest of the world may be over the chevron theme, but Im still obsessed.

This room has a relaxing, natural theme from the framed greenery to the cozy wicker chair. Αn especially great feature is the huge gallery wall. Take away this great tip: matching the mat in the frame to the wall color really makes a statement.{found on Indie Pretty Projects}.

This room, shown by Jamie Herzlinger, has some incredible design features. Your eye is immediately drawn to the two round windows in the space that separate the living areas while still allowing light to flow through. The navy accent is carried through to the accessories and can even be found on the large striped rug.

This stunning dining room seen on Yelp really chose a great wall color for a sophisticated look. The dark blue helps to draw attention to all the white accents in the room like the breezy curtains and the plush armchairs.

This room has several great accessories that feature blue and white. First, the lamp is highly unusual and looks almost like a flower. Then, the china on the coffee table looks like an updated vintage pattern. Similar designs can be found on the pillows on the sofa, some which feature a different color on the back.{found on Conspicuous Style}.

Αs evidenced by the above photos, navy and white are an easy and simple color combination to choose whether you prefer more traditional or more modern designs. You can always start slowly by buying a few pillows or maybe a great navy blue tray. You could also paint a side table or a coffee table or change out your drapes. If youre feeling really daring and inspired, break out the paint rollers for your wall. You wont regret choosing a combination that makes such a great impact.

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