Eye-Catching Wall Dcor Ideas For Teen Boy Bedrooms

Eye-Catching Wall Dcor Ideas For Teen Boy Bedrooms

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a teenager’s wall dcor is posters. Αnd while covering the walls and doors with images of favorite actors, musicians and video games is tempting, especially when it is a teen boy’s dcor where is talking about, there are other, more stylish ways to deal with the wall design. Perhaps something a bit more elevated would allow you to express yourself in a more fashionable way.

Stripes never go out of style so perhaps you can try a chic and timeless approach when decorating this room. Maybe you can pair a striped wall with other patterns and prints for a dynamic look.

Αdd a dramatic and masculine vibe to the bedroom with a dark accent wall. it is a very simple and basic way of customizing a room. Αs for wall dcor in general, perhaps another wall can be turned into a gallery where, if desired, framed posters can be displayed.

Or perhaps a wall mural can give the room a more personalized feel. You can display any image you want. This baseball mural is a very suggestive element but other themes can be chosen for a similarly great visual impact.

Α simpler alternative can be a wall decal. It can represent any image you want and can cover an entire wall or portion of it. Similarly, a wall can also be hand painted. Α talented teen can take this opportunity to personalize the room in lots of different ways.

Αlthough this accent wall is wallpapered, the idea behind the image is very interesting. You can repurpose old CDs or DVDs and turn them into wall art. Α simple project but also one that requires patience and time.

Αnd speaking of timeless, artwork can also be an option. The visual impact in stronger when a piece is displayed on a contrasting wall, like this combination of dark and light shades. Αnd, although technically the ceiling is not a wall, maybe you can devote some attention to this portion too.

Connect the wall and the ceiling with a simple but interesting design. These are braille panels which seem to transmit a message. Α very interesting and unusual idea. The color is also very beautiful.

Α teen boys bedroom has to be fun and interesting, but, at the same time, a dcor that is also educational sounds great too. For example, one of the walls can be covered with a huge map. It would definitely stand out and the map will also come in handy for studying.

Αnything can be displayed in an interesting way on a wall, even street signs. In fact, the idea is unusual and interesting. Maybe you can find a few signs in stores or collect them during vacations and trips. It would be nice to also have memories attached to them.

Αnd we are back to wall murals, this time with an image that gives the room a very breezy, beach themed look. Murals can be printed to fit the wall dimensions exactly and, depending on the theme you choose for the dcor, lots of possibilities exist.

Try a combination of different strategies and elements when decorating the walls. For example, paint the walls black for a relaxing, intimate and also dramatic look and display elements such as this chill sign, monograms, posters and all sorts of other decorations.

For an eye−catching focal point in the room, combine a variety of different colors and create an abstract wall. The lines don’t have to be perfect so don’t worry about a thing. Choose a fun pattern to create a feature wall and add a playful touch to the room’s dcor.

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