Eden Bathroom Collection by Cerasa

Eden Bathroom Collection by Cerasa

Eden garden represents Paradise, a place where everything is possible, where tHere’s no place for lying, inhibitions or pain.Everybody dreams to get a place in this garden one day.Cerasa is an Italian company which tries to bring Paradise closer to by designing Eden bathroom.

it’s a modern bathroom which looks more like a bedroom. it’s spacious and you can remark the feminine style and special refinement. The cabinets have a beautiful design and lacquered finishes.

Αll seems to be reduced to minimal sizes so that you can enjoy comfort and relax of a spacious bathroom. Definitely, here you’ll discover your paradise, peaceful corner.

There are used vibrant colors such as: orange, purple, red or dark burgundy. The contemporary elements are combined with those which seem traditional. You can’tice the combination between the modern pieces of furniture and the beautiful, classic chandeliers.

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