DIY Hammock Chairs

DIY Hammock Chairs

Large hammocks are enjoyable to lounge in outdoors and can accommodate multiple people. However, a large hammock can be overwhelming for one person seeking relaxation. Αn option is to use an individual hammock chair. Hammock chairs are available at many department stores, but can be costly. You can save money by making your own custom hammock chair using a few basic inexpensive materials purchased from an arts and crafts or fabric supply store.

Cut out a rectangle from canvas fabric using scissors to measure 48 inches wide by 60 inches long.

Punch out a hole at each corner of the rectangle with a single−hole fabric punch. Position each hole at least 1 inch away from the edges.

Clamp a grommet over each punched−out hole using a grommet press with male and female grommet pieces.

Cut four pieces of twine with shears. Each should measure 15 feet long.

Loop one piece of twine through each grommet hole. Wrap the ends of the twine pieces twice around a 2−inch−thick wooden dowel. Position the pieces two per dowel end.

Tie the ends of the twine around a 4−inch−wide metal ring that you’ll use to hang up the hammock chair.

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